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Just gm'd my first session of any tabletop rpg ever a few hours ago for some first time players!

I had read through the bb literature before we started, but didn't realize I had questions until they came up.

Now, looking at the simplified statblocks in the gm guide, I've got a question....

Let's say I'm looking at the human skeletons on p. 13. For attacks, they have:
claw +2 attack (1d4+2 damage)
2 claws +2 attack (1d4+2 damage)

Is the +2 out front to the attack roll, and the one in parentheses to the damage roll? Or....?

Also, 2 claws means it can use it's.move and standard to attack twice, right?

Thanks in advance!

You're exactly right.

Bet! Thank you!

The first half is right. The number in front of the word attack is the attack bonus (added to the d20 roll to see if you hit) while the number before the damage is added to how much damage is done when a hit succeeds.

The attacks are different. If the skeleton moves, it can only make a single claw attack. If it doesn't take its move action, it can make all of its attacks (in this case, two claw attacks), this is called a Full Attack action. Full Attack uses up your move and your standard actions for the round, though you can still use the 5 foot step and full attack.

Awesome. That's what I meant to say.

Creatures also get a 5foot step, then?

Yes. Any PC or monster can take a five foot step in a round in which they do not otherwise move (unless otherwise prevented by special rule or condition, like stunned; also some monsters will specifically say they cannot do it).

A tricky bit of rules is that they can do it even if they take a move-equivalent action, such as drawing a sword. It is only prevented if the character moves.

Ohhh, alright, cool. Had misinterpreted that bit about how it's only moving, not all move actions that count.

Thanks for clarifying! Everyone on this board has been awesome about helping me out!

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