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5/5 5/55/5 * Venture-Captain, Germany—Hamburg

Hey guys,

I'm going to run "We be Goblins!" this weekend, so I need a few players who want to have fun being a chaotic, sadistic little creature.

This module can only be played with pregenerated goblin characters. For those of you who are not familiar with them, these classes are available:

If you're interested, please respond to this thread, listing which character you'd like to play (maybe also an aternate choice in case one of the characters is too popular).

Also, please send me an e-mail (AndreasForster@gmx.net) with the following information:

- Your name
- The name of the character you want to apply the chronicle to
- That character's PFS-# and faction

The character you apply the chronicle to has to be either level 1 or level 2. This module can be replayed for credit as long as the chronicle is applied to 1st level characters. You can apply to a 2nd level character only once. As always, the chronicle can not be applied multiple times to the same character.

Note: The alchemist, cleric, and rogue are male. The fighter is female. I have no problem if you want to change a character's gender to be more comfortable with the character. In that case, just tell me ;)

I'll send you a copy of your character's stat sheet the day before the game, along with the table link, so you have time to set up macros if you like.

Grand Lodge 1/5

I'm in -
for [Roll20 / Google+]Pathfinder Module: We be Goblins! (1-2) Saturday 8 Mar 8 pm EST [-5 GMT] (which will be 5 pm Pacific Time locally for me)

Preference HIGHEST to Lowest =
1) Fighter
2) Rogue
3) Alchemist
4) Cleric

- My Name: Scott Summers
- Character Name: Monki Oh-No
- PFS #: 120698-9
- PFS Faction: Grand Lodge


Liberty's Edge

Ill second the motion.


Ill sign up as well. My brother is interested to play too and will make a PFS sometime prior. I would love to play that alchemist and he has no preference.

5/5 5/55/5 * Venture-Captain, Germany—Hamburg

Seems like we have a full table then. Once I have an email from everybody, I'll assign the characters as best as possible and send everyone their goblin pregen.

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