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You might want to look into half elf so you can use the Ancient Lorekeeper, which allows you to take wizard spells. Also if you took the burned curse it would allow you use scorching ray and a few other offensive spells.

I have also always wanted to combine the two. Best I have ever came up was 5 gunslinger for dex to damage and then the rest alchemist with explosive missile

Ill sign up as well. My brother is interested to play too and will make a PFS sometime prior. I would love to play that alchemist and he has no preference.

If it is 15 feat then it helps me more then I thought..

Snap shot is the way to go. The build you came up with will be a damage powerhouse. I personally do not like going after Deft Shootist, I would rather take a step back and get my full attack action AND lightning reload at 12 pretty much gives you it for free.
If you are not going paladin too though I would just stick with pistoler, dex to damage pays off big at level 5. I went from doing nothing to pulling over 80damage on a full attack, given that I did crit and I am using a double barrel pistol

Agreed with lob

That is the weapon I use with my gunslinger

Agreed. The mysterious stranger and divine hunter are the way to go

Well damn, thanks for the info

Yeah I never considered that build viable until I read the build that was brought up

Don't want to get too off topic, but thanks

Wait you have to make handle animal checks to direct a summoned animal? Wow is that a change or have I been playing wrong for years?

Mercurial, what's the feats for that whirl wind build lol? My group could use a fighter build that's fun like that


Deadly aim is key, ASAP. Your feat progression is good once you add that. There was recently another post about this same build. I will try to find the link for you

Thanks LazarX, that is what I was wondering. It almost sounds like Summoner is something I would rather play as a main.

I read somewhere about being able to have your eidolon and SM out long as you cast summon monster (class ability) before you summon the eidolon. Is that just cheese or correct and based off ability to plan?

Good point, I don't want to take up all the time. So is eidolon build usually just stack as many attacks as the limit allows. With the extras in fun things like trip

So for a cohort what would people suggest? The master or regular, the main character being a gunslinger

Can you give me examples? Just trying to expand my knowledge

So just wondering, why do people take master Summoner over regular? I mean isn't the real benefit of the Summoner the pet

If you spent the feat on martial wep proficiency couldn't you make a decent archer. Not optimized at all but decent. Unless people have more suggestions on what to spend feats on

Yeah the buff role was sorta the role I saw it but I was curious if people saw something I did not. So take augment summoning and then go where ever?

Summoning more, is to me one round maybe two of combat. It is significant but can not be all of your actions lol

So I'm thinking of taking a stab at a Summoner and I just wanted some advice. Now I understand what the their pet does (in the car so I don't want to take a stab at spelling it) but really what have people done with their summoner's actions. I looked through the spell list and noticed some good buff/debuff but is that all they really have? I'm just wondering if I'm missing a way to do damage as the actual Summoner. As if now I only see using a weapon or UMD as the only options. Also if anyone has builds I would be interested, I searched for a Summoner guide on here and did not see one.


So is it not over?

From what I have read on the boards it is like many shot. so you would have 7/7/2 but each one gets the damage of two bullets and extras. Also on a crit it would only be one bullet. I may be wrong but that is what I read on the boards here somewhere I think

A fellow player in my home group is paladin, sorc into dragon disciple. He is still fairly low but I think it complements very well, all that NA and str. Also at lvl 10 he grows wings

Lesser meta magic rod of quicken for dispells is key, for things like windwall. That was the idea of antimagic. 1 on 1 in that antimagic field he would still win since the books don't go away

Cpt Jason wrote:

Well since this is a one time thing, I would leave it as written and just use the bow to shoot the antimagic. If not probably wizard or maybe 2 levels Alchemist to get dex from the mutagen.

If your dropping levels due to cohort I would probably drop the arcane archer and shadow dancer. To keep the 9th level spells

Opps you would have to do wall of force and fly first wouldnt ya

Ok this is quick and based on the idea that the GM will allow arcane archer to work with guns, IMO no big deal.
20 Gunslinger (twin shot knock down, bleeding wound, up close and deadly)
1 Shadow dancer (for your hide in plane sight)
7 wizard
2 arcane archer
10 eld knight

So this nets you a couple things.
Using your stats..(dex mod 42)
BAB 35
77 base to hit, take -8 from deadly aim, -2 from rapid shot, -4 from firing both barrels of your double barrel gun each shot
63/63/58/53/48 all against touch ac
Damage per shot (since your firing 2 bullets each time) 2d8+84+5d6+16, this is per shot and you have 5.
Now for combat, I would start by casting time stop
use imbue bullet to shoot an anti magic field at the feat of the person.
Then next round cast wall of force directly around the antimagic field( not covering the top)
then cast fly
At this point just fly up and rain down death on your opponent. If they some how get our use hide to move around. I have a hard time believing anyone can live through a single round of that damage. Also every time you hit twice they are knocked prone, no save

Edit: opps that would be 2d8+168+5d6+32

Agreed Jiggy, as much as this may hurt your dps sometimes you have to be silent. If your really worried about damage buy a wand of gravity bow

Yeah, if your pistoleer you have to be in the middle, might as well punish ppl for coming at you. Which they will. Regular snap shot is nothing special BUT improved map shot is, threatening 10 feat is nice

Mergy, I consider myself very knowledgeable about gunslinger and you have enlightened me. I never thought about using your signature deed to get that damage to every shot. another tree that might be solid but does alittle less damage would be going down the snap shot tree. To do it effectively though its about a 4 feat commitment though and I sort of like the wep spec/ gloves of dueling.

I personally like pistoleer 5 and holy gun 15. I just like the extra damage regardless of spending grit and regardless you will need dex for this build. Either way I would put reliable on your pistol over +2. That chance at failure kills mid combat, also in order to get multiple shots per round you will have to use alch cartridges, which increases misfire by another one. If you want another way to inc your damage use a double barrel pistol. For a -4 you shoot 2 bullets, 2d8>1d8

the payoff is not worth it. spending a grit point to add charisma is limited, where as a regular gunslinger adds dex to damage every hit. I think 5 gunslinger and the rest paladin is much mote viable.

Yeah its not an issue past 3rd level for musket. Also if you are playing a musket you could probably spend feats on stuff other than deft shootist, since you shouldent be too close to melee. If you are going with pistols though that is the way to go. after signature deed I would suggest going after snap shot/improved snap so that you threaten with your pistol any one coming within 10 feat.
I feel like musket master has a little more feat options, where as a pistoleer has a set of feats that they need to take. I am personally playing a pistoleer currently and with a double barrel pistol I can easily out damage anyone in my party.

Thanks for the guide!!

I don't want to build this all out, but heres my idea.
Pistoleer, gunslinger 20. For Sig deed and true grit take up close and deadly(extra 5d6 per bullet), twin shot knock down (if you hit twice they are prone), and bleeding wound(allows you to add dex twice to dmg per hit). Also make sure to go down the improved snap shot tree. This allows you to threaten 10 ft away with you gun (1d8+5d6+ dex x2)
Then as people said caster are killers so I would either do wiz10 and eld knight 10, which gives 9th lvl spells and equiv of 10 lvl fighter for opeing up those feats.
7 wiz 3 clr and 10 mystic for 9th wizard spells and 7th cleric. Which nets you heal.
The twin shot knock down is key, if they have to spend a MA getting up that hurts them.

I would say yes, it would make sense long as you had some divine ability. Which you would

Have you looked at a single level of musket master? Gives a free rapid reload and gunsmithing

Blackblood I am sure I am just missing this but how did you get channel energy ?

From how I read it I would say only the first shot but bane would work on each shot and those extra d6 would add up

I've never seen reckless aim till now and lol it would work. Since on a missile you don't shoot anyways. The real question is what level will you be? At a 7/7 to hit I barely ever miss. So if your a higher level you probably don't need it but early on I could see it working very well with precise shot. I'm on my phone so I can only look at one thing at a time. I'll check the channel now

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I would assume it would only add to one barrel. The way I've read it by using it as many shot, only one gets the bonus when you crit but now that I think of it, isn't smite for every attack till the opponent is defeated? So in that case each shot would. I use it on my pistoleer and with rapid shot and firing each barrel, for a -6 with each shot I can do 4d8+28 at 6th

If you use a double barrel musket you can pretty much get many shot with each attack. -4 to hit can be steep early but later that's an extra dice of dmg

Up close and deadly dead for pistolero.

doting, I like how it is progressing Armanis. I am iffy on Greater command and that is it on the spells. I feel like that is going into the true enchanter domain.

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