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My groups of players (3 groups of 5-6 players in a mythic campaign that is nearing the end) are hitting 15th level and 7th tier by the end of the 2nd act, which has ended for one group already. They are all tactically-minded and intelligent players, as well as excellent roleplayers with the desire to see a story.

That all being said, I am at a bit of a loss as to what I can give the players that challenges them. One group fought a mohrg witch who rose the Silver Mount out of the ground and threatened Absalom with a Death Star-esque laser and a huge countdown timer. One group saves Geb from a recently crowned Runelord of Gluttony from taking control of the undead capital and cementing his rule. The last group raced to the top of Kaer Maga which has secretly been a dormant colossus brought to its feet by a golem-loving alchemist who had the Shraen drow family helping him sneak into the city during a small conflict between Kaer Magans and the drow from the Black Desert.

My campaign's climax will take place in Ustalav, where the place of origin and the leaders of the cult who have help orchestrate the three previously mentioned events to cause chaos and fear. They go into hiding from the world and the PCs for a year and a half to find artifacts that will help them bring their Outer God master, Slenderman, from consuming the fear and life of the multiverse like one would devour a juicy steak. I will even use the Carrion Crown adventure path for a basic framework.

My question is this, what can even challenge such high-powered characters? Does anyone have experience with high-level adventurers (APL 18-19) like these? I want to make this part of the adventure horror-focused with paranoia and death biting at the heels of the players. But what actually could inspire fear into the hearts of people who speak to the gods on a semi-regular basis?

Have a look at the last 2 books of Wrath of the Righteous for some ideas. That's the kind of level you're at so it should be pretty good for your players.

From my experience of running Red Hand of Doom with mythic, the players are level 11/tier 5, I'd say increase the CR of the encounter by at least 2 CR above what is recommended as the mythic stuff can get pretty crazy at that level. Try the mythic huge blue dragon in the mythic book as an example of what they should be able to handle, and perhaps have a mating pair if they're really powerful.

Also do a search for mythic stuff here under products. You'll find all the missing core rule book feats and spells, plus some more mythic monsters - ooze 's demons etc. Some of them have very high CR ratings.

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I was not aware of the extra mythic stuff here on the site. I will definitely have to check that out.

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