Tweaking a Magical Assassin


Hello fellow board members! I am currently working on a character who covers rogue things and arcane casting for the party, and I ended up dipping into assassin before going arcane trickster.

Generally what I'm asking for is tweaks. What are some of the smaller things I can change? Between managing spells, poisons, and equipment things got fairly complicated. I had to go back and redo the crunch several times due to little mistakes.

Could I spend my money better elsewhere? Should I take different feats? Perhaps a different arcane school? I don't want somebody coming on and saying "Actually you should do rogue 2/sorcerer 4/bard x!" or whatever. I'm open to suggestions on tweaks within the class, such as archetype or arcane bond and such, but generally no huge changes. That goes for race as well, I'm staying with elf but you can suggest other racial traits. All of the details are under this alias, although the fluff isn't necessary to read (it is pretty cool though).


Just realized I don't have longbow proficiency due to being a dusk-elf. Had to swap it out for a shortbow, but that gave me enough money to make it composite.


I do not know if this is what you want to hear, but the earliest entry to arcane trickster is rogue 3 / wizard 1 / AA, qualifing with a racial SLA.

If you are not interested on this ruling, then going with 1 lvl of Assasin is the best next thing indeed.

In both cases though, replacing Rogue with a Vivisectionist (maybe Beastmorph) Alchemist will serve you better.

I hate qualifying for things with racial SLA's. It makes me cringe as a DM and I don't like to do that to other DM's.

I'm not sure how beastmorph would help me since I would only be taking one level of alchemist.

Vivisectionist does look incredibly enticing though. Helps with the alchemy ability that I'm hoping to have for this character.

Also popped in at the other alchemist archetypes, I think I could add Crypt Breaker on top of Vivisectionist. Mostly for the trapfinding ability that the party will be relying on me for.

It is gimmick to qualify with SLAs I know, but it is a way to bring builds with PrCs on par with single classed ones and lets you play your favorite PrC earlier.

Anyway suit your style. If crypt breaker combines with vivisectionist all the better. I did not remember if beastmorph does anything at lvl one, this is why I wrote maybe.

Crypt breaker does not stack with vivisectionist. But there is a trait that can give you trapfinding.

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