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My players have reached the level where they are starting to have to deal with spellcaster opponents running greater invisibility. In searching for ways to counter invisibility, the ranger player found hunter's eye. The problem here is that to be effective, the spell has to be cast on the target ("one creature"), and I won't let him cast the spell on a target that is already invisible, per p. 214 "You must be able to see or touch the target...".

He believes that this negates the purpose of the spell, or at least makes it very situational. I'm curious what others here think. Thanks.

My own group ran into this problem. As written it really does not do what we believe it is supposed to do.

For example, how can it see an ethereal creature if you cannot target it to begin with?

The only use we could come up with is if you see it before it vanishes and then you pursue it. But then you are wasting a spell if the creature never vanishes. Kinda pointless.

it is entirely the hunter power from W.O.W.

if you are afraid something 'might become invisible' you tag it with hunter's eye

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