Half Orc Fire-chanter


Silver Crusade

Wanna help with a memorable NPC? I say memorable because I don't need optimized. I see this NPC who uses chants as his performance and fire magic. Anywho...

Level 9-ish (his mooks will create the rest of the CR), Evil, Half Orc, Sorcerer 1 (elemental fire), Bard rest. Fire music feat at level 7.
Heavy use of Intimidate.
Books: Core, APG, Inner Sea, UM, UC. No Advanced Race!!

I don't need full builds, just good ideas. Also, if 1 level of Flame Oracle fits your idea instead of Sorcerer, go right ahead.

Blistering Invective is a must. Demoralize everyone around him and set them on fire... with his words. He'll literally be flaming people.

Arguably you could do this with the Magician Archetype and skip multiclassing. Their expanded repertoire almost perfectly meets the Fire Music requirements.

Fire Music requires being able to cast arcane fire spells so Oracle wouldn't cut it. But, arguably, taking a fire spell from another spell list and adding it to your own could be seen as having arcane fire spells "from some other caster". So I think a single-class Magician Bard would work.

Silver Crusade

yeah, glossed over the other arcane prereq. no flame oracle.

Maybe a reflavored maestro bloodline sorcerer? Chant instead of sing to cast spells, and focus on fire spells and you got something like what you want.

Liberty's Edge

Could go with a Maestro/Efreet(or Elemental: Fire) Crossblooded Sorcerer, giving the ability to turn any elemental damage spell into fire damage.

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