Magus or Soulknife for 4th Runelords party member?


The rest of the party consists of a tiefling witch, a human rogue, and a human cavalier. I'm not particularly feeling cleric, and am torn between fetchling soulknife or fetchling magus. Which one would better fill out the party, without stepping on other players toes? (For instance, the rogue already two weapon fights, and I would be playing a two weapon soulknife. I'm not sure how magus and witch balance out.)

Any advice here would be much appreciated, and thanks in advance!

I'm rather set on Fetchling, but other than that I'm open to any suggestions on class The stat spread I'm working with is 16, 15, 15, 12, 12, 12.

I suggest a class that can create its own shadow and uses the chr bonus or dumps it entirely.

The fetchling summoner archetype is strong, and its normally a strong class - could help as a caster AND a front liner. That its YOUR shadow that comes alive and your not branded like a pig is just gold and very RP able. No darkness though.

If going a 7 chr for an eventual chr: 9 and 4 bonus stat spend points for melee I strongly suggest the ultimate combat moonlight stalker feats.

I like the idea of a fetchling oracle with an appropriate mystery - can provide darkness and do some great damage. Lore works REALLY well (chr to ac and saves), as does dark tapestry for a fetchling.

If a chr based character look into the eldritch heritage feats in ultimate magic to get a sorcerer bloodline. The shadow bloodline played as royalty works - the 9th level power makes you one with shadows!

As for magus/soulknife... I have a soft spot for soulknives but their not paizo (yet) and am sick of magi as they all seem to be cloned in weapon and spell use so would be no help.

IIRC the cavalier is going to be bummed when several places won't be accessible by the mount (but that is true of any medium sized character who relies on a mount), in general smaller races are better choices.

The witch can make an amazing debuff'er with evil eye & cackle.

As a melee character your "role" is to kill things, so either the soulknife or magus will "step on toes" when it comes to the rogue. My personal suggestion would be magus. There is a "debuff" build in Walters magus handbook that uses some witch levels, it would compliment the rogue when it comes to BBEG fights. The other suggestion would be the intensified shocking grasp build. Between the TWF SA from the rogue, and the damage output from that, fights will be over fairly quickly.

The last suggestion, which I really urge you to consider, is the life oracle/paladin build. Use life bond on the rogue & cavalier. It will allow you to "soak" up damage every round essentially healing the party. When you get low, use a swift action LoH to heal yourself (take fey foundling or whatever the feat is that increases healing per die), and continue to whack away at the enemy with your full round action. You have access to cure light wounds if you really need it, and the party can chip in to buy a wand for you to carry (and if some don't want to, just don't bond them). You are filling in the role the cleric normally does but not being forced to play a healbot character.

I'd say magus is the better of the two, though I'd seriously consider the Hexcrafter. Sure, there's some overlap with the Witch, but not in a bad way.

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There's actually plenty of ways to build the magus. No one forces you to be a cookie cutter shocking grasp dervish dancer. You could be a hexcrafter, a whip user, a card slinger, a switch-hitter...

Cyrad wrote:
There's actually plenty of ways to build the magus. No one forces you to be a cookie cutter shocking grasp dervish dancer. You could be a hexcrafter, a whip user, a card slinger, a switch-hitter...

Or a Hexcrafter Staff Magus, but Staff Magus isn't as cool as it sounds (sadly). Though with prehensile hair you can make a pretty good AoO build with Hexcrafter (and you use intelligence for hit and damage). There's even an Arcana now that lets you use a natural attack with spell combat.

How about Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger? Fits with the race's abilities well and fills the ranged role nicely in the party. Shooting from darkness would be a good musket master sniper or a V for Vendetta pistolero.

I like a Haunted Ancestor Oracle with the curse and revelations being the result of the shadow plane poking through near you.

Or a range and intimidate-focused Inquisitor, despite the hit to wisdom. Fill in whatever is needed. Pair teamwork feats with the cav so he gets the bonus more often.

Depending on your creativity and your gm, a sorcerer focusing on illusion (with the fetchling alternate trait) can be a terrible thing.

Well, lessee. If you're torn between those, I suggest either making a Bladebound Magus or a Gifted Adept Soulknife. Might help narrow it down some, because there's some "Chocolate in my peanut butter" action going on with both.

A Bladebound Magus is basically a Soulknife that has a worse weapon progression, but more spellcasting, and a Gifted Adept has worse than Magus spellcasting (4 levels, like a Paldin), but a better weapon and BaB.

One is better at fighting, one is better at casting (and novaing)

So maybe that helps. You just need to decide "Do I want spellcasting, or fighting more?"

I would suggest breaking from either.

Your party is divine-light, but you want to play an interesting character that can fight, and you don't like clerics.

Inquisitor, anyone? You get to fight close on as well as the magus with your buffs & debuffs, you have access to the divine magic that your party WILL need (even if it's just you carrying a wand of CLW), oh and you get some nifty skills into the bargain.

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