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Here is my question regarding the Create Pit spell:

"Reflex negates"... What happens when I create a pit under someone and he makes his save?

- Does the spell fail (the text "Any creature standing in the area where you first conjured the pit must make a Reflex saving throw to avoid falling into it." does not sound like that)?

- Does he get moved from the area (where)? What if there is nowhere to move (the famous 10'x10' room with an orc and a chest...)

- Does he hover in place?

Also, do you have to bull rush opponents into the pit fields, or the surrounding sloped fields to make them fall down automatically?

This spell would be SO MUCH FUN with Improved Trip and Ki Throw...

Silver Crusade

It’s a pretty straightforward (and powerful) spell. If the creature makes his save, he is shunted to the nearest safe square. In my games, I usually determine it randomly unless there is a good reason otherwise. Since it is just a ten foot square, the target is always near a safe square. The pit remains, the target just didn't fall into it.

In the unlikely event of a a 10x10 room with no other access point, I would probably give a successful save a chance to cling to the wall on a successful reflex save. Unless it is a super smooth wall. But at that point, with a 10x10 room with no other access point to go to and super sheer walls – your GM wants you to fall in the pit.

The spells also states that if you end your turn next to the pit, you have to save or fall into the pit. That means you can move by the pit with no penalty as long as you don’t end next to it.

If someone Bull Rushes you successfully, you go into the pit. There is no save, besides the Bull Rush check. However, if you end your turn next to the pit, you might fall in – the Bull Rusher might have to make a check.

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