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Say I'm a rogue, and I'm trying to activate a scroll of magic missile with a CL 1. Let's assume that I've already successfully deciphered the scroll, and that my Intelligence score is sufficiently high.

Do I have to make a single UMD check to activate the scroll?

Or do I need two UMD checks -- one to emulate a class feature (i.e., casting spells), and one to activate the scroll?

You need only make one UMD check in that situation

UMD wrote:
Use a Scroll: Normally, to cast a spell from a scroll, you must have the scroll's spell on your class spell list. Use Magic Device allows you to use a scroll as if you had a particular spell on your class spell list. The DC is equal to 20 + the caster level of the spell you are trying to cast from the scroll. In addition, casting a spell from a scroll requires a minimum score (10 + spell level) in the appropriate ability. If you don't have a sufficient score in that ability, you must emulate the ability score with a separate Use Magic Device check. This use of the skill also applies to other spell completion magic items.

And again Robert is correct. You do NOT roll two UMD checks in the described situation.

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