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"Based on the world's best selling roleplaying game, Pathfinder Dice Arena allows players to battle as their favorite Pathfinder heroes in tournaments for gold and glory. Players build up moves to create high scoring combos while using counter moves to interfere with their opponents’ actions. Whether you're a Pathfinder fan or just a fan of dice games, Pathfinder Dice Arena makes a fun and fast addition to your game nights!"

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Wanna try it before you buy it? Download the print and play version and give it a whirl for free!

Experience a new adventure on the fields of glory and honor of Golaroin!

I'll probably get my boyfriend to try out the rules with me this weekend. Really excited to see what you guys do for the addon Iconics.

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This product just got cancelled, which sucks.

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Yeah. I'm shocked that it was cancelled. The reason being that some backers who cancelled said it wasn't "Pathfinder-y" enough? Too bad.

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As one of the last backers who did cancell I can honestly say it had nothing to do with the feel and everything to do with needing a bit more money over the christmas period (Was going to wait till christmass and see how much money I got before deciding what lvl I wanted to resubscribe.) I Imagine that was probably the case with many of the other cancellers as well.

Also at the end of the day it dosent really leave me with much confidence in any other kickstarter they run and a lot of other backers seem to feel the same.

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Part of me cant help but wonder what an argument of pathfindery enough even means since we now have

1'The main tabletop game
2'The pathfinder card game
3'A pathfinder video game being worked on
4 Pathfinder munchkin (Okay admitadly not so sure on this one pretty sure I remember a version being made though)
5 Anything I happend to miss

All of which play very diffrently from each other so honestly cant understand for the life of me how something can be not pathfindery enough Is it going to be diffrent mechanics from the main roleplaying game? Of course but then so do the 3 other things listed above.

(The most annoying thing is because I and the others cancelled our pledges we cant post on the kickstarter comments page and give our side of the story so got the creator frankly putting words in our mouths.)

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Fun to 11 did contact a lot of the people who dropped out of the campaign, and they confirmed that a lot of people said they dropped out because of the timing... but even more said they dropped out because the game wasn't Pathfindery enough.

To be completely honest, I always personally felt that Pathfinder Dice Arena was a bit of a stretch for the brand, and that's been my biggest concern from day 1. When it was first brought to us, there was really nothing very Pathfindery about it; they improved that with the addition of characters and other cards, but I'm not sure they ever improved it enough, and the audience told us so. This is why we had them come in and demo at PaizoCon last year, and part of why it was set up as a Kickstarter—so they could gauge people's reaction to something less tightly integrated with the Pathfinder campaign setting than any of our other Pathfinder products.

All of the products you're talking about *do* play very differently, but they're all much more about immersion in the Pathfinder setting than PDA was. For that matter, so are non-game materials like Pathfinder Tales novels, Pathfinder comics, and the upcoming Pathfinder Legends audio adventures. If you took Pathfinder out of any of those products, they'd be very different than they are, but if you took Pathfinder out of the PDA, it really wouldn't change that much.

Somehow I suspect there are reasons not being stated. Anyone know if they were going to be able to WAR art without a large licencing pay out?

Maybe they realized they were going be losing money* on each box after everything was said and done.

* Losing money including not being able to pay themselves a decent hourly wage for their work. $40k-50k sounds like a lot of money, but not when one takes the number of work hours involved, calculates pay at better than the burger flipping rate and then adds in manufacturing costs.

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There's no reason to lie. They can cancel it anyway without inventing an excuse that's going to annoy a bunch of people.

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