Working on a character, lookingfor mechanical ideas


So, I've had a character idea on paper for a while, and I'm finally deciding to try to get better ideas for the build. Here's the backstory for those interested.

Alba’s mother came a long time ago to the city, chasing a man who quickly abandoned her. Alba was born in the poor quarters, and was raised among folks of ill repute. She despised her mother, who drowned herself in drink. She was strong & aggressive, and easily beat children much older than her. But in the end, she simply didn’t have it in her to dominate others. An epiphany in her youth led her to abandon her youthfull chaos, and simply stop concerning herself with the violence around her. She would concentrate on those who were willing to be more than destructive. She mostly raised herself, taking on small jobs, but her status as a near beggar excluded her from much.
Eventually, she lied about her age and joined the city guard. Her strength & discipline allowed her to rise high in the ranks. She became part of the city’s elite forces, the lightning lances.
Her past has caught up to her however and now she has been forced to leave the guard in dishonor. She strives to find a new place to call her own, for she dreadfully fears to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

To her (few) friends, she is exceedingly loyal. She believes above all in the need to protect others (even from themselves). With her shield & spear she stands above those who would hurt others. She is an ardent believer in self-improvement, and she is infinity irritated with those unwilling to work to improve themselves.

Ok, so here are the mechanical conditions:

Weapons: Shield & spear (the group, not the specific weapon)
Feats: bodyguard (I've got to fit this in)
Alignement: Neutral Good
Race: Human
I'm thinking fighter, but I'd be open to anything that's not divine. It would be thematic to take the stalwart defender PrC, but not absolutely necessary.

The build I've got now uses a phalanx fighter, buitl around charging/bullrushing/overruning, with a bit of "bodyguard". But that's not defendy enough for me. So I'm looking for ideas.

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The flavor sounds like a half-orc phalanx soldier fighter with a level or 2 in skulking slayer (to represent aba's youthful chaos), but sticking human fighter would work too. Phalanx Soldier is a great bodyguard archetype, but spears don't serve it too well. Would a longspear be that much of a change? Because the typical tank wields a reach weapon in one hand and has ridiculous reach with the other, and when combined with lunge and enlarge person, titanic reach is really effective.

Like I said, spears the weapon group and not the weapon. A lance/longspear could work just as well. I would rather single-class, and to have the backstory in the background (maybe some appropriate traits?).

Honor guard cavalier, order of the shield then Golden Legionnaire at 6th. Lance and short spear or trident as main weapons. Saving shield feat.

Not a bad idea, though the mount doesn't fit with the concept. I'll have to think about it.

The mount is downplayed in the archetype, so, you still have one but it isn't something to build the character around. Maybe defender of the society and grim optimism as traits? If she is dishonored and isn't redeemed before going legionnaire, maybe low Templar instead.

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