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Recently, there was a "cha to everything" thread, so I decided to try to build a cha-based character. This is a purely mechnical build, so there is some conflicting class choices (paladin & ninja arent terribly compatible conceptually). It's decent (if not terribly exceptional) and it's EXCEEDINGLY dependant on charisma.I'm curious to know if anybody has noticed anything else that can be used, I'm really just messing around.

A few not: I'm assuming you cant "double up" on sources (IE, you cant get cha to a save twice by taking 2 different features)

Race: Aasimar (angel-kin, scion of humanity, truespeeker)
stats: (25 pts)

Str: 16+2 Dex: 10 Con: 14 Int:11 Wis : 12 Cha: 15+2
Oracle (nature mystery)
1 Noble scion (scion of war), Revelation (nature's whispers)
Paladin (oath of vengeance, warrior of the holy light)
3 Power Attack
5 Angelic Blood
7 Anglelic flesh (steel), Ninja trick (vanish)
9 ? , Ninja trick (forgotten trick)
11 Angelic Wings, Fast stealth

So what does this give us? Noble scion gives us cha to initiative. Nature's whisper gives us cha to CMD & AC. The paladin's divine grace gives you AC to saves. Oath of vengeance allows you to convert lay on hands (and thus cha) into extra smite evils. Warrior of the holy light is just so that I dont have to drag around 2 spell lists. THe ninja levels give you a cha-based ki pool, and forgotten trick increases you versatility.

Other options I've thought of:
- mysterious straner; keeps you almost ful-bab, gives you some gun use. not too shabby.

-Noble scion (the PRC): the chrisma will really let you take advantage of the improved cohort.

Anything else?For fun, I made a build up to level 13. It's a weird mix of paladin/skill monkey. Woundrous saves, decent AC, decent attack power (with smite evil of course). (there might be a thing or 2 missing though).

It seems playable, if kinda conflicted. What do you guys think?

Go Lore mystery instead. Sidestep Secret gives you Cha to AC and Reflex saves, and Lore Keeper gives you Cha to Knowledge checks.

Cha to knowledge check would be nice, but I dont really have any interest in cha to reflex (I dont consider it stacks with divine grace). I'll have to analyse if it works well. The loss of cha to CMD could be problematic.

Silver Crusade

Irrepressible trait: You can use your Charisma modifier in place of your Wisdom modifier when attempting Will saving throws against charm and compulsion effects. This would stack with Divine Grace because you are replacing the modifier.

I would also stat out:
Str:16+2 Dex:10 Con:14 Int:10 Wis:10 Cha:16+2

Raising Wis to 12 gives you a better Perception and Will Save, but the extra bump in Charisma will give the same bonus to Will, as well as to Reflex and Fortitude due to Divine Grace, as well as boosting AC, CMD, Initiative, Lay on Hands, Smite Hit/AC and Ki. The trade-off is definitely worth it.

Another Cha heavy build could be:
Str:12 Dex:8 Con:14 Int:10 Wis:16 Cha:16+2 [All stat increase in Cha]
Cleric 1 - Channel Smite, Guided Hand; Channel Energy->Ki Points with Bronze Gong
Oracle 2 - Nature's Whispers
Paladin 3-4 - Smite Evil, Divine Grace
Ninja 5-6 - Ki Pool from Charisma
Monk 7-9 - Prerequisite for Champion of Irori
Champion of Irori 10-19
Paladin 20

williamoak wrote:
Cha to knowledge check would be nice, but I dont really have any interest in cha to reflex (I dont consider it stacks with divine grace). I'll have to analyse if it works well. The loss of cha to CMD could be problematic.

Since Sidestep Secret replaces your Dex bonus, it should stack with Divine Grace just as your Dex bonus would.

Also, Sidestep Secret is a Su ability so it shuts off in an anti-magic field and the bonus is also limited by your armor's max dex bonus. Nature's Whispers is Ex so it persists regardless of magical conditions and doesn't include being subjected to max dex.

I forget where I saw it, but I heard about a 3pp feat called something along the lines of "Love of life" that lets you use Cha in place of Con for calculating HP (and possibly also use -Cha instead of -Con for dying). But it required you to be at least a certain age category so you'd be taking penalties to physical stats in trade for bonuses to mental.


Cha! Cha! Cha!

(Somebody had to say it.)

Just fot that bruunwald I'll give it ranks in perfrom "dance"

Edit: kazaan pointed out 2 really important things about nature's whispers. I'm definitly keeping it.

Bard's Versatile Performance lets you sub your Dance bonus for Acrobatics and Fly. Alternatively, Dervish Dancer gets Versatile Dance which lets Dance only work on Acrobatics, but you get half your bard level as a bonus to Dance. This functionally lets you use Cha in place of Dex for Acrobatics checks.

That would be interesting, but extremly hard to fit in with what I've got. I'll keep a note of it though.

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