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I have a unexpected friday evening free and as all the pre season 5 adventurea are on sale I need suggestions for a scenario thats short to run but challenging! I plan run it online in fantasy grounds a week Friday if any ones interested not that I imagine I will have any diffculty getting enough players from the Fantasy Grounds PFS community. So 4 hours or less to run and difficult either being diffivult to get those pretige points or actually deadly oh and not to high a tier either

Any suggestions greatfully recieved


Short, difficult to get 2nd prestige point:
Frozen Fingers of Midnight (Season 0)

Short, can be challenging, overall fun:
Rise of the Goblin Guild (Season 4)

Short, challenging depending on party comp:
Silent Tide (Season 0)

All that I can think of off the top of my head.
All are Tier 1-5 scenarios


4/5 5/5

Delirium's Tangle runs short and can be fairly challenging. A lot of the Season 0 scenarios in general run short.

Grand Lodge 4/5

5: Mists of Mwangi (1-5)
35: Voice in the Void (1-7)
2-11: The Penumbral Accords (1-5)

All are in the Blackros Museum, all have some potentially serious (for teh PCs) issues if the PCs don't have knowledge skills. All have interesting combats.

I am still looking for a party to run VitV for at sub-tier 6-7. I am running it this weekend, but probably at 1-2 with an outside chance at 3-4.

Dark Archive 2/5 *

thanks for that feed back guys

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