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Here are two threads of mine that you might find useful.

Visualizing Numeria And It's People

Numerican Characters, What Archtypes and Themes work?

Mind you these threads are old and more geared towards my early Numerian campaign work that bore some weird fruit. (We call it the shorties game...longer story than I'll tell here.)

The point is there are lots of great inspirations for Numerian styled characters and they are not all sci-fi movies. If anything you might want to look at the following movies:

Lightyears (Gandahar)
Naussica Valley of the Wind
Heavy Metal
Transformers 1986 Animated Movie
Chronicles of Riddick
Time Masters
Fanastic Planet
Rock and Rule
Starchaser: The Legend of Orin
The Dark Crystal

Which I brought up in another thread. The idea is more for rough and ready adventures from a fantasy setting stepping into the world is mis-understood technology and mysticised eletronics. However, eventually I'm sure your characters might add in power armor, strange eletronic gear like pads on their arms, road warrior inspired clothing/armor, etc.

I wouldn't be suprised that late AP you will be rather weird looking by local Golarion standard, but not so weird that you couldn't say it's just enchanted armor etc and get away with it.

After all, to the north you have people who are becoming godlings fighting demons. And demoic grafts..and. Well you get the picture.

I'm going to sit down with Ultiamte Campaign over the next few days and list out some good traits that might sync with the ones they offer us when the IGPG comes out.

Till then Numeria fans, lets come up with our own player's guide of cool character styles and suggestions to really flavor it up when the AP drops, ne?

One of the things I actually did play as was an Orc Rage chemist who eventually found a GM approved piece of technology from Numeria (we were in the river kingdoms, so it's not far fetched) that essentially functioned like Banes mask from the batman movies.

He eventually became totally psychotic as a brutal hand to hand combatant that used a decked out Amulet of Mighty Fists (in his case Monstrous Fists, hehe). Add to that the Savage Skald bard would, after he took his meds, rage him up like a fiend, his furious courageous amulet basically made his strength and con completely insane, with attacks that were utterly devastating.

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Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

I am curious though. Who here want's to play a character FROM Numeria or outside of it when playing the AP?

Would you like to have some understanding of the strange local magics or be a stranger to them?

Personally, I think a character from outside Numeria, the River Kingdoms, will be my first choice, unless some Numerian traits (new ones) are just off the wall that they demand attention.

I think it'd generally be easier to come into Numeria from outside. There's less assumption that your character would have any idea what the heck is going on. Basically - Numeria is going to subvert most player's conception of what a D&D/Pathfinder game is. Coming in from the outside the players can be gradually introduced to the scope of new ideas. I mean, there's a huge difference between, say, star wars tropes and post-cyberpunk tropes.

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