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On their forums, one of their staff posted that they were coordinating with the App Stores (Google & Apple, I believe), and that it had slid from Tuesday (26th) to Thursday (28th).

They went on to say that if, for some unforeseen reason, it didn't make this week's push by those storefronts, then it would be the following Thursday (May 5th), or they'd be on the phones wanting to know why.

Name: Ralik
Race: Elf
Classes/levels: Rogue 2 / Wizard [universalist] 2
Adventure: Trial of the Beast
Location: Chymic Works
Catalyst: Fighting Opponents on Three Fronts
The Gory Details:

After returning from the Santuary, the party was certain they needed to speak with the owners of the Chymic Works. When they rang the bell, however, they were very disappointed in the response, so they decided to be more direct in their questioning. While the party monk went for the loading dock, the rogue climbed to the roof. While each of them were holding their own (grappling V, fighting snapjaws), the barbarian was downstairs bashing at the front gate.

Ultimately, the hound and V provided enough distraction that the rogue was left on the roof (unconscious) after having killed a snapjaw, with G active up there. G saw the opportunity to dispatch a fallen foe, and did so with extreme prejudice, smashing his face with a hand axe, and taking his stuff before disappearing into the night.

Thank you so much Sara Marie!


I pre-ordered the Undead Horde display when it was first announced (order number 2616317), and in the meantime, I have added a couple of subscriptions. If the display is still expected in mid-September , is it possible to combine the pre-order with my subscriptions?


Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper wrote:

Until they fix the Genie link, you can find it here:


And now we see why Erik said what he did. That's a really nice looking mini!

Genie link is broken - Genie.jpeg

Love the iconics, any possibility of a revamped iconic boxset with all of 'em?

I'm planning to do the same; if you're not picky (or cost-conscious), you can pick up Amiri, Lem, and Seoni through places like eBay.

Also, Erik Mona let slip that Lini is scheduled to be included in Legends of Golarion, which I think is supposed to be out in October, so that might mean a short-term alternative until then. Reading between the lines, it's possible that Sajan will be included in the same set.

Adam J Wells wrote:

Hey guys.

I'm currently working on character sheets for the PAC, just letting folks know they're in the works.

To that end, what information would be most useful to players to have on the sheets? Clearly information on what feats you've selected, but what other information?

Right now, i'm setting the pages up to be landscape, and have the Skills and basic Powers on the front, and then a large table on the back allowing you to record what cards are part of your deck, with an eye to a potential Organized Play program using this system.

Yes, i'm a huge fan of seeing a Pathfinder Society-style OP system for this.

Do you think that rather than making it two sided, it's better to try and compress it onto a single "side" so that you can play from it? I could imagine that people might want a reminder about what they seeded into their deck (oh yeah, I have that Spyglass in there somewhere; I really want to try to cycle cards a little bit to try and get it).

Obviously once you add the roles, it becomes more complicated; are you thinking that you'll just have different "sheets" for each role variation? Also, the more consistent you can be in terms of layout between the character/role combinations, the better, since that'll give people a basic comfort level when switching between characters.

I tried making a spreadsheet to handle simple recording of feat/role selection, and the record of what cards were in a deck, and while (I think) it'll fit on one sheet fairly nicely, it's more along the lines of a long-term record, and not really something that's conducive to play from. I'd originally started out in landscape mode, but found that even with the width of the card names from the rule PDF, I ran into width problems, and eventually settled on shifting back to portrait.

If it's of use to anyone (even if it's just something to throw stones at), I can certainly post it somewhere and link to it. Any suggestions as to where the right-est place would be?

-- Lithrian

I noticed in the catalog that the list of products associated with the Wrath of the Righteous AP includes a Pathfinder Battles set, scheduled for December 2013. Maybe their intent in accelerating the sets is to have one associated with every other AP as a tie-in?

-- Lith

Even better - they slipped in an announcement about Wrath of the Righteous miniatures out in December!