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I was just checking on my order status, and noticed it had been shipped to my old address of over 3 years ago. I can try to check with the current resident for my package, but I don't know why the old address was used. I've received my subscriptions and other orders here at my current address just fine. Please clean my records of 416 E Lafayette. Only 810 Baker Ave is correct!

Sovereign Court

Nope, sorry, I think it's listing my old address only as my billing address, not the shipping address, but it should still be changed, and I can't seem to.

When I go to payment methods, 416 comes up as the billing address for my subscriptions, but when I click "change payment method," the address on the new screen (the one that I'm supposedly changing) is 810. The 416 is a weird ghost of an address.

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You'll want to change your billing address from the Payment Method button on your My Subscriptions page—the My Addresses page as well as the My Payment Methods page are for altering pending orders.

Keep in mind that if the billing address you provide us does not match exactly what your bank has on file for that payment method, this WILL result in the payment method being declined when we run our subscription authorization.

I can confirm that this order was sent to the 810 Baker Ave address.

~Justin Riddler
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Sovereign Court

Thanks, that fixed it. Sorry for my confusion.

And thanks for the shipment confirmation.

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