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Under Golem entries it says that golems ar eimmune to any spell that allows spell resistance.

The spell Apparent Master allows spell resistance but also says in its description: "This charm makes a construct regard you as its master. The spell only affects mindless constructs that are attuned to the commands of a master, such as animated objects, golems, retrievers, and shield guardians."

Does Apparent Master affect Golems who are immune to magic?

I would say yes because specific out weighs general. That being said it's just one of many overlooked problems they just haven't had time to fully work out yet. Kind of like the wording on the weapon enchantment Speed and what happens if you dual wield them. I believe we have an official answers (they don't stack, even though they aren't stacking to begin with) but the text still says "When making a full-attack action, the wielder of a speed weapon may make one extra attack with it."

I believe it only works on non-golem constructs since they don't have the immune to magic (ex). Even though the example at the end mentions golems, as written, the spell doesn't actually work on them.

I would say it works because they are specifically mentioned in the spell. And I agree with the specific beats general, and even if both are considered specific; then newer specific beats older specific, because new stuff has to be tried out.

It would only work on Golems not immune to magic. There have been rare golems publish that do not have magic immunity and the text needs to explicitly say it would ignore such an ability. At best there is just the slightest of hints, which isn't sufficient.

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