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Looking for suggestions for how to get healing for a dhampir character in a party where everyone else is going to be using positive energy -- aside from stockpiling potions/scrolls/wands of cause light wounds. Are there any other good ways of getting hp back for a dhampir?

Note, I'm not trying to make it easy on the guy, I'm just trying to be aware of what all the options are.

If the party has a cleric, then they can prepare a couple of inflict light wounds. Otherwise you are looking at potions and wands. That is not to bad since that is how most healing is carried out.

feat Life-Dominant soul.
Magic Item: Amulet of Channeled Life
Spell Life Channel

I've played a Dhampir.

LOL - What a sad thing that somebody has to fear the hardline here so much they feel the need to caveat that just because they want to know what options there are for healing a dhampir does not mean they are going easy on the dhampir's player.

wands of infernal healing

they are neither positive nor negative energy. and heal everyone/everything.

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