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This is something I personally would LOVE to have and would pay good money for.

A new map collection set. One that featured the new giant player-oriented maps designed to look like an ink-and-parchment drawing of varies regions. The latest one for Irrisen is what made me think of it.

What I would like is a map pack with say 3-4 regions/nations in each pack made like that style of map. You could do one of South Inner Sea's, which would have Cheliax, Andoran, and Isger in the first one, then another one With Taldor, Galt, Absalom, and Qadira next, etc.

Personally I would love to have such a map for every nation and region of the world, something to hand the players. My players always want to go find a map of the region they go to next as one of their first acts.

Anyways just a thought that I think would sell well and be useful.

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This would be great. I'd also like some player friendly, ingame maps of cities (although that was the approach in council of thieves and it wasn't well received, sadly).

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