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Mikaze wrote:

All 11 of the Core Class Crew were revealed in the 2013-2014 catalog(available here) got Mythic makeovers!

Harsk gets to bring back some of his alternate steampunk universe look from the Gamemastery Guide.

Kyra's gone all trenchcoat-priest.

Lem's maxed out his ranks in dapperness.

Amiri and Seoni have taken their tattoos up to 11.

Sajan looks like he's ready to take on a marathon session of SNK Bosses.

And this is what really excites me: Valeros is promising support for no-shirt warriors.


edit-There's also a piece of unused artwork from Ultimate Campaign featuring child-versions of the iconics!

oh this is wonderful. Mikaze I could kiss you, but I won't know...burns.

Lem the Halfling wrote:

Pretty sure my tongue would get blisters.

And it's a bit of a downer, to be honest.

Though doubtless you and your fellow adventurous companions would no doubt make it less so.

Like say, that fearsome Kellid friend of yours vs the Mountain? ;)

Silver Crusade

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Val's too dexy for his shirt.
Too dexy for his shirt.
So dexy it hurts....

I think it's time for us to talk about the non-core mythic iconics now. I don't have my copy of Mythic Origins in front of me, so I'll be going off of memory here...

Alain- Dark and brooding! Did his moment of ascension perhaps visit some character development upon him?! Or is it just a front for the Mythic Jerk we all expected?

Alhazra-Her mythic stat bumps must have gone into strength for hher head to support an even BIGGER headdress.

Seltyiel-Even less shirted than normal. Pretty badass.

Hayato-preeettty cool. With the mask though, How do we know it's really him?

Feiya-Whoa. Hey there ;D She's really starting to class up the place in a slinky black dress. Daji appears to be rather unhappy with his perm.

Imrijka-I don't really remember too much. I'll make snarky comments about her later.


Damiel-Don't remember too much other than Mythic seems to have gone straight to his head. And into his hair.

Reiko-Hiding, as a mythic ninja should be. On the back cover. In what I can only assume is her winter camo. A simple palette swap as faras I can tell, I guess I was expecting a little more pizazz. At least she's not Naruto.

Lirianne-Oh Lirianne. Mythic Trickster, I suppose, since she seems to have stolen Feiya's old wardrobe. But if I had to guess I'd say she took tiers in Mythic Alkenstar...Painted Lady. Perhaps the biggest example of Mythic going straight to her hair.

For my part... yeah, some I liked, some not so much. I'll also look at some of the new alternate ones.

Imrijka: I'm not sure what changed here.

Seltyiel: I prefer his MA look.

Damiel: Do you really need to flash that tattoo around by taking your shirt off? I know the male Iconics seem to be trying to channel their inner Conan, but really. Not sure I'm a huge fan of this one.

Balazar: Other than the red eyes of doom, I'm not sure what's different here.

Kyra: Herald of Sarenrae? I prefer her trenchcoat-cleric look, frankly, but this one isn't so bad either.

Feiya: She's trimmed her nails. Not sure about where her pupils went, but I like it. Sleek and and classy. Although her fox is definitely not a nice-looking animal any more.

Sajan: Is it Sajan? Or Irori? I'm not sure. Either way, MORTAL KOMBAT.

Hayato: Nice armour. However, you have failed the greatest test of mythic status. You didn't take off your shirt like the rest of the guys.

Alahazra: That is one epic hat (although I'd be just as happy to see her without it, kind of like Kyra's change for her trenchcoat look). I also like the gold bikini and Aztec elements to her. What is a shame, though, is that her oracle's curse is still in play. There's a path ability for Hierophants that can remove the negative effects of the Curse... I'd kind of hoped we'd see her eyes. Still, awesome. One of my favourite mythic looks from the APG iconics.

Alain: On the one hand, he's clearly going for the knight in sleek mithral armour. On the other hand, I can imagine him now being an even bigger prat than he probably was before (and look at how shiny his hair is - he clearly puts far too much product into it). Still, I do like it. Also, he fails the Conan-test for mythic status.

Lirianne: What.

Reiko: Hiding on the back cover with a mythic upgrade to white clothes. Amusing.

Overall, there were some good ones, some not so good ones, some that I can't tell the difference for, and some bizarre ones.

My favorite by far is Reiko. She looks epic, but still subtle somehow.

Lem the Halfling wrote:
I made it out Alain's dignity! (which is why I had to wear it myself, not enough material to make one for Seoni or Valeros)

"You must gather three impossible things. The love of a devil. A whisper from space. And the dignity of a wild ass."


"Okay, let's see. Falls From Grace's first edition signed copy of Man and Superman. That counts, even if she's technically a demon. And the golden Voyager record... How did you even get this? Fine, fine, I won't ask, and it does count. And the last bit, the dignity of a wild ass. This is a photo. Is that Alain... passed out drunk in bed... With... Oh... oh sweet gods... Is that an avatar of Lamashtu? Fine. You win. Three impossible things. Take your damn coat. I need to go cast mind blank on myself until I can't detect the memory of that photo anymore."

Shadow Lodge

I just noticed... The mythic Harsk picture isn't legal. Pathfinder bayonets block the crossbow so it can't shoot anymore.

Unless the artist is changing that rule for us! *hopes

Grand Lodge

Any plans for minis of these? They'd sell out in a heartbeat!

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thistledown wrote:

I just noticed... The mythic Harsk picture isn't legal. Pathfinder bayonets block the crossbow so it can't shoot anymore.

Unless the artist is changing that rule for us! *hopes

Harsk is a mythic ranger. He will put a bayonet on a crossbow if he wants.

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