Meta Magic Feats (Rods) and Item Creation


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I have a player who has approached me wanting to use a Lesser Rod of Empowerment to charge up a Wand of Fireballs. Per wand creation rules this isn't feasible, but it did get me wondering about certain things. Let's say that the level requirement for wand creation was lifted. Could a Lesser Rod of Empowerment (or any of the meta-magic rods) be used in conjunction with spells needed to be cast for item creation in order to have a greater effect (wands and scrolls for example)? Or are the various rods S.O.L. when it comes to item creation?

This is my train of thought currently. There are two options available to the player. The first is that if they have the Item Creation Feat, and the Meta-Magic Feat that they can in effect fill a wand with the Meta-Magic effect (pending wand creation rules).

The second idea was to enhance the Meta-Magic Rod with the spell to be augmented, allowing the rod the capability to enhance whatever spell is stored in the rod or the spell being cast, while maintaining the daily limitations. A side thought was to allow the wand creation with the use of the Lesser Meta Magic rod, but grant the ability only on the spell in the wand itself.


When creating an item, you can use a Metamagic feat in conjunction with the spell, but all the normal restrictions remain the same in that you must be able to cast the spell like normal.

A good way to explain it is using my Dual Disciple Psion (Dreamscarred Press). I wanted to create a quick defence item to kill off opponents that get too close that I couldn't kill with my powers.
A manifester can only expend power points equal to or less than his total levels in Psionic classes.
I had two feats, Quickened Power and Craft Wondorous Item. This allowed me to create a Ring of Energy Burst that I could detonate.
Energy Burst is a 3rd level power that costs 5 Power Points, and Quickened Power increases that cost by 6 Power Points. The total was 11 Power Points meaning I had to be 11th level.

I use this example because it givesyou the numbers to work with.

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