looking for Pathfinder AP PBP.


my main 5 concepts with rough ideas

the following 2 go together preferably

Lumiere Dawnbringer; an oblivious angelkin holy knight devoted to bringing reality to her elder sister's ideals. will most likely be an oblivious angelkin paladin or oracle with 7 wisdom. could also be a bard or magus with a bit of tweaking.

Umbriere Moonwhisper; a sickly fetchling countess of chelexian heritage whom even despite her sweet personality, depends on her younger sister's protection and seeks to find a cure for her supernatual illness. will most likely be a fetchling bard w/ 7 in strength and constitution

the other 3 are all kinda individual

Ilina Aniri; a magically gifted scientist whom seeks to overcome her cursed womb and develop the ritual to become a mother through magic by means of discovering the chemical composition of the humanoid body, finding valid donors, and proceeding to create her soon to be daughters through alchemy. could be a wizard, psion, witch, alchemist. magus, or highly intelligent bard

Akane Saitou; a Samurai exiled from minkai when her Elder Brother, Hajime was executed for inciting Rebellion against the Jade Regent. could be anywhere. could be a ninja, samurai, barbarian, ranger, or paladin

Auren "Rin" Cloudstrider; a sylph street urchin with magical gifts and an affinity for weather, has many larcenous talents, not having done much besides stealing the occasional piece of fruit from the local market to feed herself or beg for food. fragile and nimble with keen perception, easily frightened and a bit akward and shy. will likely be a bard, rogue, arcane trickster, cryptic, wizard or sorcerer depending on needs

the other Submissions i need to make Aliases for require a bit of working with.

Tsui Shuifeng, an amphibious dragon worshipping priestess of Seiyru from Quin whom fights with a Jian and has a patch of dragonscales on her torso that resemble something akin to a leotard, a corset, or japanese school swimsuit (may require armor of the pit feat to pull off w/ DM permission) Undine Fighter/Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple

Princess Cherie Del Sol, a female Ifrit princess from the desert whom is highly irrational and easily angered. bears a temper akin to a raging inferno and acts spoiled. frightening enough, even outside of her home to scare people. was drugged, got kidnapped, and eventually slew her kidnappers ending up whereever. the 35th princess in line for the desert throne. female ifrit fire elemental bloodline sorcerer w/ wildfire heart

Koakuma Scarlette; shy female tiefling teleportation conjurer who lacks confidence, sent by her mistress and teacher, the purple haired anemic Samsaran. Patchouli Knowledge, to find her a mythical tome of great power known as the "Compendium Universa." trained in elemental and control spells that generally due to metamagic, inflict effects in addition to damage, and the binding of elementals

Conflitta Olympia; a priestess of the concept of opposition, gifted with the power of harmony. akin to a taoist. she dislikes conflict, but has no qualms defending herself. Female Aasimaar Life Oracle or a Lawful Neutral Cleric of Taoism with the restoration (healing) and protection domains

Julian Nicoletti. a male of weretiger descent whom is married to a young dhampir girl, and works as an assistant to her library. appears human and likes a good book. worried about his 5 adopted fairy daughters and the example he set for them. male reskinned catfolk Natural Weapon Ranger with maybe some levels of vivisectionist and master chymist.

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