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Hey guys, I have been unlucky trying to find a pathfinder group that's in Seattle and works around my schedule. I would like to meet weekly on a weekday, preferably Mon-Wed and play for a few hours.

After this post, I will start making a campaign for 1st level characters. I have been DMing for a long time but never considered it my strongest skill. I would prefer to be a player too, so if anyone out there is interested in DM trading between campaigns, that works for me as well.

I am not a huge fan of world-building so I will be making my campaign in the base Pathfinder Campaign Setting. I haven't read much of the campaign setting but have enough grasp to start. Ideally, the group would be 6 people, including me. Also, I'm open on where to meet. I live on Cap Hill and would prefer meeting somewhere public instead of a private residence (at least to start).

This is a crosspost I put on meetup. If you care to join in the discussion on where to meet and what day, join the meetup group.

I'm in.

I'm an older guy, so as long as you can handle that, I'd like to play in your campaign. I particularly like that we're starting at 1st level, that's my favorite way to play, start at 1 and build from there!

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If either of you guys are still looking for a game, I live in West Seattle and our group just recently had a dropout (plus another a few months ago). The PCs are 3rd level rather than first, so still pretty early on in the campaign. We do play at people's houses, rotating around among West Seattle, Magnolia, Ballard, and occasionally Sand Point.

Game time is usually Friday nights around 6:30-7:00, play usually til around 11 or so.

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Just moved into First hill neighbourhood. Any games nearby to join?

I started one group with the campaign that I mentioned above and it's going well. However I wouldn't mind starting/joining another. I couldn't DM and could only play on Mon or Wed realistically. If anyone has a game or wants to start a game in Seattle, let me know.

I am a Washington DC-ite making a move to the Seattle Area early August... I'm looking for a good 3.5/PF group myself! I have VAST experience in the 3.0/3.5/4E/Pathfinder worlds, and am currently in a Pathfinder Greyhawk campaign that I'm leaving behind!

If anyone wants to adopt me, please, let me know!

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I have a few openings in the every other Thursday Kingmaker game I'm running in Ballard. There's a Meetup scheduled for this week at Card Kingdom.

Feel free to message me here as well.

I'm looking for another player for our Tuesday group. We meet 6-11 every week. If you are interested, let me know.

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