Online Virtual Tabletop Convention May 31st to June 2nd

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President, SmiteWorks

FGCon 2013 is coming soon!
When: May 31st to June 2nd

Virtual Con is a community driven (unofficial) long weekend of Virtual Gaming using the Fantasy Grounds Virtual Table Top (VTT). Fantasy Grounds allows you to play the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (and other RPGs) over the internet with people from around the world. It is completely free to join events in this convention. Most events can be joined with a free demo license and a few will require at least a Player license. You can sign up to multiple games and experience new rule-sets, new GameMasters and experience the power and flexibility of the Fantasy Grounds Virtual Table Top. Our 2nd Event will be held from 31st May to the 2nd June. Due to time-zone differences there will be games spanning around 3 days.

There are currently 20 events scheduled and many of them won't even require a Fantasy Grounds license. Just download the free demo version and sign up for the game to give it a shot.

You can read more and check out the events scheduled here:

There is still room for more GMs if you want to run an event. This is a good opportunity to connect up with players who might be looking for a regular game.

Other game systems being promoted are Call of Cthulhu, Castles & Crusades, Savage Worlds, FATE, Fantasy Dice and The One Ring. Check back often to look for more games.

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