Vindicator of Many Styles


Silver Crusade

I know the build will center around 4 levels of Paladin, and 2 levels of Master of Many Styles Monk, with the Dragon and Crane styles.

Would you delay entry into Holy Vindicator by 1 level to grab a level of Unarmed Fighter?

Liberty's Edge

I've been playing around with various builds for multiclassing and I have looked at Unarmed FIghter a number of times, but so far after 2 lvls of MoMS I just haven't seen a need for it and it has not been worth dipping into - by the time you get your crane style you are likely already qualified to start working on another style anyway as once you have Improved Unarmed Fighting itis fairly easy to do.
In some cases the only temptation of unarmed FIghter was for the extra feat more than the need for a style without prerequisites, at which point it didn't need to be Unarmed Fighter at all.

Also, if going MoMS, unless you really want Evasion, I recommend going Sacred Mountain archetype as well for Toughness and +1 AC

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