Pathfinder's Kit weight problem

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So the Pathfinder's Kit weight for small creature's doesn't add up. It says the kit weights 7.5 lb, but the weights of the items are:

backpack (small) 0.5 lb,
a bedroll (small) 1.25 lb,
a belt pouch (small) 0.125 lb,
a clay mug 1.0 lb,
a dagger (small) 0.5 lb,
two fishhooks 0.0 lb,
a flint and steel 0.0 lb,
a sewing needle 0.0 lb,
a signal whistle 0.0 lb,
50 feet of string 0.5 lb,
50 feet of thread 0.0 lb,
a waterskin 0.0 lb,
a week’s worth of trail rations 0.25 lb x 7 = 1.75 lb
and a whetstone 1.0 lb

totals 7.125 lb not 7.5 lb.

Where's the problem? Is the extra 3/8th lb from the box and wrapping paper it comes in (that can then be thrown away)?

They probably rounded up to make calculations easier.

CloakedInSmoke wrote:
They probably rounded up to make calculations easier.

For halflings with an 8 or 10 strength, every 1/4 pound is critical.

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