Malifaux RPG Kickstarter - Finishes Soon.

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Just thought I'd put this out there for all who are interested.

Malifaux RPG Kickstarter. It's already been funded, so it will happen. With pdf's and many of the stretch goals already hit. So it's a good deal; $125 gets you 2 copies of the books and a collection of the models - along with the pdf's, GM Screen, Fate Deck and a Pad of Character Sheets.

As far as the game is concerned it's based on their Wild West Horror miniature game, so it's a solid property with history. A bit like Deadlands, it's a Gothic Horror Steampunk. And here's their website for those interested.

Brilliant, another stretch goal hit. Double the amount of mini's! And the special 'Santana' mini bonus for all pledges above $125. If there are more shares & likes on Facebook it'll be even added to the $60 pledges.

Only $10k for the next stretch of another 28 pages to both the Core & GM's book!

35 hours to go!

Woot! Been backing this since I saw it. Love the Malifaux setting material.

Brilliant, the $225,000 target has been hit. With the Advanced Pursuits & the Skirmish Model (for the wargame) stats added; bringing each of the 2 full colour books upto 228 pages.

The Creator'll be starting the Malifaux: Through the Breach Side chat at 2:30pm PST. This special broadcast will be longer, going until after the Kickstarter ends! I'll be running some real-time games with anyone watching so that you can earn more points on the Back-O-Meter.

Can they hit the $250,000 goal of "Secrets of Malifaux" & "Expanded Earth History"? It looks tough!

10 minutes left & $5,200 to hit the next target!

Will you help them?

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I have just started getting into Malifaux and I really enjoy it. I am glad they created an RPG for it. I have been slowly piecing an idea for a campaign already, I can not wait for this to come out.

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