Marshal (Loyalty) question.

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So...let say I start at level 1 and get the first tier of Marshal.

So my cohort is level 0?

How does this work?

Baby Cohort!!

In all seriousness though...maybe just 1 level of NPC Commoner? Once you the PC are a reasonable level then your cohort gains a PC level replacing their Commoner?

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We were laughing sitting around trying to figure this out. Out best answer was to add the text.

Minimal Level 1.

That or make Loyalty work better than Leadership, but lock out the additional followers. ie. Only to grant a unique cohort at your level.

Ahh now that I actually read says you gain Leadership as a bonus feat. And at level 1 in the table for Leadership you don't get a cohort at that level. Mainly because the prereq is Character Level 7 for Leadership according to the PRD.

I think the text needs to add something like "You still must meet the prerequisites for the Leadership feat to gain followers."

Or give a new table for cohort level by character level.

Or give the "minimun level 1" addition you mentioned.

OR (and I like this best) add "Must be at least 3rd Tier before selecting this ability".

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Well, after level 3, it's not really game breaking. First and 2nd level is a bit touchy, but the raw numbers of a co-hort don't cause a problem. And locking it to Tier 3 doesn't fix the issues unless Tier 3 now requires you be higher level.

Technically you can play a Level 1/Tier 3 game. Weird but legal.

True, but that's on the GM's head :) In which case they deserve Leadership headaches!!

I still would assume though that you have to meet the pre-req of level 7 for the feat, but there are many precedents where you DON'T have to meet the pre-reqs on bonus feats.

I think it would just be as simple as including a note that PC's do not gain a cohort until they qualify for a level 1 cohort. So, you can gain Leadership at level 1, but doesn't do you any good :)

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