Mecha Sphinx! Mythic Boss fight on rails...literally!

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Welcome to the insanity of my first Mythic Boss fight.

In this case the group has made their way to a hidden clockwork rail system underneath the massive Pyramid Clockwork Undead Factory. (Long story)

And they thought they were for the most part home free. Until the tunnel fills with light and theya re being chased by a MECHA SPHINX!

It's basically a massive 3 rail wide machine with clockwork zombies on board piloting it. And the PC's are in a bad position. They are all piled on one mine cart running their springs down trying to get away...

What followed was a crazy game of the "Priest" of Ramzir trying to keep their cart moving fast enough to avoid being run over...the whole while the Sphinx is launching small carts full of zombies that attack them when they get close. Not that the PC's were making it easy on them.

Mythic highlights early on -

Muscle Wizard removing a use of Summon Monster 2 to drop an Air Elemental to pick up and throw zombies around.

The 2-handed Fighter using Mythic Arcane Strike to smash the control panel of one of the enemy carts causing it to short and fly out of control down the rail line.

The PC's used electricity to destroy 2 of the enemy carts early on. And they dumped a box of alchemical reagents causing a huge crystal mass to start growing on the front of the Sphinx. It was getting pretty insane...

Then the Sphnix dropped a new FLYING clockwork. One problem, I drew it badly and it...well, look for yourself.

Ya. It was to have ducted fans and a 3 man crew compartment. But it was dubbed the "Helicocktur" the rest of the night. Loads of jokes about it.

It started flying around unloading steam power chain guns on the group. Evasion and loads of mythic points being dumped for saves was key.

The fight go interesting with the Lancer did an AoO on the giant drill and Sundered it! Then the group finally started making their way onto the new carts being deployed by the Sphix and more summons were being dropped out.

The final scene had a PC trying to make a jump and falling to his death. Even though he had "To The Death" after being pelted with gun fire and getting mashed in the undercarriage I did -95 HPs to the Champion. Just over 1 point to killing him.


Loads of MP used to recover spells. (Chill touch and Summons being key)
Loads of MP used on saves against AoE burst fire from the copter.
Me actually dropping a PC to dead with "To the Death" but having to run a multi-ton Mecha Sphinx over him to do it.
Mythic Arcane Strike being used to damage enemy clockworks.
A need for more Mythic Skill feats was found.

And so ended the night, the group down 1 player, and the Sphinx's driver bailing out when the crystal and exploding bits of the Sphinx from all the damaged carts they threw at it did it in.


That sounds like a good time! Helicocktur ... lol

Thanks for sharing the pics of your battle mat, too. Great use of Gaming Paper (?)!

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I'm compling notes on how the more mechanical elements fo the playtest went. There was a LOT of use of the Archmage and Champion power sets. Since that dominates my play group.

This reminds me way too much of the boss fight with Ellmac from La-Mulana. Ride down the rails chased by GIANT MONSTER TRYING TO EAT/CRUSH YOU! I approve wholeheartedly and want ways to do more fights like that.

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Wait until they discover the hornets nest they kicked in escaping. The conspiracy is going in to full effect and the "Pharoh"'s armies will be on the march soon.

somehow, after fighting the Helicockter, I envision my Priest of Razmir sitting under a flowing decanter of endless water, knees pulled to his chest, rocking back and forth silently....

... trying to forget.

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Hehehehe. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You have no idea how ugly things are going to be soon.

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