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I know Amazon can be really bad sometimes with their release dates. Does anyone have a general idea of how long after a product is released that they get it updated.

I have ordered the Skull and Shackle Pawns set and they have the release date set as July 2013.

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Amazon usually receives there stock of Paizo products between one and two months after they become available directly from Paizo.

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its intentional, has been for some time. but at those prices i usually buy the pdf from paizo to support the company, and then buy the book from amazon if i want the hard copy for home games. its still cheaper than buying the book at discount and getting it shipped from paizo, even with my pathfinder adventure path subscription.

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On May 18, 2011 Chris Self wrote:

Also of note:

The distributor Amazon buys from, Diamond, releases new items on Tuesday. Paizo releases new items on Wednesday. So, Diamond will release their new Paizo items the Tuesday after Paizo releases them. Which means that Amazon won't have them on release day.

A few days before release date, Amazon's algorithms will say, "Huh, we don't have this book that's releasing on Wednesday in stock. Let's push the release date back a month."

Viola. Amazon says that the product isn't available and is releasing a month late.


The wonky release dates are an artifact of the timing of the distribution network. Amazon's dates should bounce back to something more reasonable when their systems realize that they are able to order our new products.

Well it finally got here. I kept getting emails stating that the date had moved up. FIrst it was Jan, then it moved to late december then I finally got it early this week.

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