Break me an Oracle!


20 point buy, anything that is PFS legal. Doing a bloodbath arena type setting, level 12. Average starting wealth for level 12.

Four teams of three. Each team consists of the same classes: Oracle, Gunslinger, Alchemist
Purpose: The GM running is inexperienced with the ins and outs of these three classes, and expects to see them in next months PFS campaign. What better way to learn than mass PvP? Each team gets one of each, I am Oracle.

Heaven's Oracle.

Race: Anything with a bonus to CHA (Human is nice for its Favored class bonus)

Stats: 20 starting CHA. Put at least two points in CHA for a Base of 22. Headband of Alluring Charisma +6, Tome of Leadership and Influence +2 for a total of 30 (+10 bonus)

Take Awesome Display: Your 12th level foes will count as 2nd level for your Illusion (pattern)spells.

Now you can cast Color Spray to knock them unconscious, blinded, and stunned for 2d4 rounds, then blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds, and then stunned for 1 round.

Take Spell Focus, and Greater Spell focus. Thats a DC 23 First level spell lol.


Imp iniative, aasimar, go with healing, and select channelling for mystery, bump up the initiative with feats etc, add some DC improving stuff and voilae, 8d6 ae damage against your opponents.

If you want, go with the variant channel stuff so you can impose a crippling -3 on all d20 rolls with luck, etc. the damage would be halved so 4d6, or you can go with the full damage.

Even if you don't go with the variants, if you win combat and get in range of them all, that's 28 damage on average right there, or 14 and they take penalties etc. (one variant lets you dazzel or sicken and nauseate)

Well it really depends what your team is doing.
Going first is king sp a batlle oracle would give best out of 3d20 for ini. - thats a start.

Can you dip into other classes? a thug lvl and intimidate,focus on that - go first, frighten the other team 1 round = more time = more actions for your team...

You could buff, but with PvP it's easier to make something that goes first and kills or disables the other team..
Så BFC spell, SoS...

Jus me wrote:
What better way to learn than mass PvP?

Pretty much anything else other than PvP?

That said, I think the Awesome Display gimmick is probably the way to abuse it. Also consider taking Eldritch Heritage and Improved Eldritch Heritage in the Arcane bloodline to grab Loathesome Veil--they'll be treated as level 2s, so they'll all be Nauseated for a long time, making it easier and safer to run up to them and Color Spray.

On the other hand, if you want to showcase the kind of Oracle he actually might see in play and help the GM out more, you might want to go for a Life Oracle with Life Link, Channeling, and Elemental Body. Still pretty powerful at keeping your buddies alive, but doesn't contribute as much to killing enemies.

The next most common oracle seems to be a typical melee build powered by the Ancestor or Metal mysteries. Yeah, this is why a pvp arena fight is probably the least helpful thing he could do.

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