Scribing Spells from GM Credit?

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my Search Foo is weak and Im fairly certain this is still a no but figured Id check if there had been something official yet (for Good or Ill)

GM'ing a scenario ... does the GM have the ability to scribe spells that appear during the adventure in either scroll form or Spellbook form

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Nope, afraid not.

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The short answer is no.

You can only scribe spells during the adventure, and technicly your wizard never had the scroll in hand - so he can not scribe it.

(Yeah, surprised me too!)

edit: ninja'd by a little green scaly thing! drat! I type to slow!

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thats what I figured ...

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Wraith235 wrote:
thats what I figured ...

One of the trade-offs of no-risk credit, I'm afraid. A fair trade-off, I think, especially considering the new policy with regards to how GMs handle boons.

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