Feathers of Andoletta?

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Liberty's Edge

Anyone know why Andoletta doesn't have 'Feather' as one of her domains? Seems like a natural for 'Grandmother Crow'.

Shadow Lodge

If I were to hazard a guess, it would be two-fold:

1) Feather is a sub-domain of Animal, to which the Empyreal Lord Andoletta has no connection.

2) 'Grandmother Crow' is almost an honorific in deference to her aged appearance and enlightened wisdom, not because she an avatar of avians, flight or the like.

I don't have my Inner Sea Guide on hand, but those are my best guesses.

Liberty's Edge

She seems like a good fit for a Tengu patron goddess.

Liberty's Edge

No other takers on this one? Or is there just not enough info about Andoletta out there to go very far with it?


Moved thread.

Liberty's Edge

I'm guessing there just isn't that much interest in Andoletta.

(Hrm... geez.. ANOTHER one of my posts got moved. OI!)

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