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At GenCon Sunday, the module I played awarded me a spellbook, but I never learned what spells were in it. Is there anyway to find out what they would be?

(I've not included the scenario name in this initial post so as to not spoil the scenario.)

Buy and download the scenario would be what I would do.


Unfortunately, if you don't learn them at the table and mark it on the chronicle, then you aren't supposed to still have access to it. You'd have to pay for the scroll like a normal acquisition now =/.

I know sometimes it's rushed, and I could really see that at Sunday of GenCon, but free access is while the scenario is still "ongoing" even if it's just wrap up.

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Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. I'll know for the future.

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If they're not in the chronicle, then what you got was the wizards spanking new blank spellbook that he was going to put his latest spells in.

Until you ended his burgeoning career.... and his life.

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