Looking for some Help with this wizard


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I've got a level 12 character to make by saturday, and I've been racking my brain to figure out what to do.

Long story short, I have a gunslinger who is killed/captured at the moment, along with 3 other party members. One of those party members was our arcanist. He's working on making a new healer, and that means I'm working on making an arcanist now.

We are playing Serpents skull and are in the third or forth book.. right at the very end.

Evil brain thing!


Is what I have so far.

I'm making a Samsaran, and my intention is to make my own demi-plane, which basically will be the base of operations for the rest of the campaign (if I cannot or decide not to play my gunslinger after this.) That way we can just pop in an out of the material plane easy peesy like.

Any suggestions on what spells to take and other things to do?

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