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Name: Order of the Thorn
Accepted Alignments: LG, LN, LE. For the purposes of gameplay, the Order will have a Lawful Neutral alignment.
Role: Guardians / Lawkeepers
Website: Order of the Thorn

The Order of the Thorn is a Hellknight-based organisation for Pathfinder Online. We want to offer a home to those people who like to roleplay the authoritarian side of lawkeeping and guardianship.

We embody the characteristics of the Hellknights; we look for results and are willing to go to considerable lengths to achieve them. The Order and it's Lictor, Fedryn Mannorac, are both Lawful Neutral. To those that the Lictor guards, he is benevolent as he understands that those who feel safe are more productive. However, he is relentlessly ruthless to those who stand in his way.

Background: Some of the finer points of the background cannot be worked out until we get more information on the Hellknights that are already in the area, but the basic gist of it is that the Order of the Thorns were created in order to prevent the Lictor of the current Hellknight Order in the area being ousted by Fedryn, a local to the River Kingdoms, who was rising rapidly in the ranks of the organisation with a reputation for getting results both civically and criminally.

This fledgling Order was dubbed Order of the Thorn as two slights against it's Lictor; first that a thorn was small and insignificant, and second that it shared part of it's name with Thornkeep, the local den of inequity. However, Fedryn will not be daunted and intends to prove himself the better of the Lictor who tried to stymie his progression and raise the Order of the Thorn to a prestigious place amongst their peers.

Organisation: The Order of the Thorn follows exactly the same structure as set forth in the Pathfinder P&P game. The organisation is led by the Lictor, currently Fedryn Mannorac. Beneath him are the Master of Blades (with the rank of Field Commander) and the Paravicar (the leader of the Order's arcane and religious forces). Both of these posts are currently vacant.

Below the Master of the Blades are the Paralictor's (his lieutenants and officers of the Order) and the rank and file Hellknights.

Below the Paravicar are the Signifiers (any Hellknight spellcaster).

Regardless of the path that a recruit wishes to walk, they will all have the inital rank of Armiger.

An organisation chart will follow.

Aims for the Game: Aside from a healthy does of RP-based PvP, the Order has a goal of establishing a fort in the wilderness which will act as a bastion of civilisation, law and order. Eventually we intend to expand this into a settlement and possibly into some form of nation, although whether this is by ourself or with allies remains to be determined.

Goblin Squad Member

Welcome, from The Seventh Veil!

We would be delighted to open Diplomatic Relations with you, even if we may occasionally work at cross-purposes.

Good luck in your endeavors :)

Greetings Nihimon,

Thanks for the outreach, I'm certain that we'll be able to work together. Looking at the purpose of the Seventh Veil, I see little reason as to why the Order and the Veil would work at cross purposes, as long as the methods of information gathering by the Veil are lawful.

I'll pop by and see what happens!

And for everyone else, the Order is still recruiting Armigers for the coming crackdown on lawlessness in the River Kingdoms!

I'm currently writing up the background for Fedryn, which will include the beginnings of the story of the Order of the Thorn. You can expect to see these going up in our Library in the next week or so.

Any members will also be allowed to store their own lore/background in the Library as well.

Goblin Squad Member

Why, I'd also like to establish diplomatic relations with you fine chaps :D

In fact, your aims sound like they might be rather symbiotically beneficial to us.

Heck, I'll just come right out and ask it: what are your views on discreetly using assassins to keep law and order a little more rigidly?

Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable answering me via PM? That's perfectly fine, I completely understand the need for discretion. In fact, if it makes you feel more reputable, go right ahead and openly mock my offer as you discreetly discuss it with me via PM.

I look forward to establishing a totally LEGitimate BREAdmaKING BUSINESS in your fine settlement.

Goblin Squad Member

Cool name and concept. Congrats.

Goblin Squad Member

As I plan to play a lawful evil wizard who has been transferred from a high position in the Order of the Gate to the River Kingdoms (much to his chagrin), I would like to apply for the post of Paravicar if it has not yet been filled. If you need to send me some sort of application I can PM you my email.

Goblin Squad Member

I decided to be lawful neutral in order to be more morally versatile, it doesn't mean my character's personality will change, I just might do marginally less evil things until I decide whether I want to be evil again.

Demon, thanks for the interest. I'll send you a PM so we can discuss your role within the Order.

Goblin Squad Member

Very well. I look forward to commanding your signifiers my liege.

Goblin Squad Member

By the way you may want to check your inbox of PMs as I have already sent you my application.

Goblin Squad Member

As someone who enjoys the Law I welcome you Lictor to the field.

How will those of us who are focusing on mastering the art of moving large objects great distances be treated in your group? Are we looked at as important skilled members of the band or just "the baggage handlers?"

Goblin Squad Member

Greetings Lictor. While the Keepers of the Circle have divergent beliefs in certain moral areas, your adherence to Law should ensure we can coexist without needless aggression and perhaps even benefit from one another's services. Please note that should the need arise our Keepers of the Circle Chancery is now open for any foreign envoys that might wish to parlay with us.

Erian El'ranelen, Warden of Gold, Keepers of the Circle

Goblin Squad Member

Lictor, it has been 13 days since you said you would PM me, I just wanted to remind you, I don't mean to be rude or disrespectful.

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