"Surge" power from the Oceans subdomain

Rules Questions

Two questions:

1. Can the Surge power from the Oceans subdomain be used from range, or must you be adjacent to the target?

2. Based on the rules for Bull Rush, is it correct that this power could not be used to push someone off the deck of a ship (except in the unlikely case that there was absolutely no railing).

Thanks for any feedback.

Well, I read it and I interpreted it as if it is being used in place of a bull rush or a drag (so you're gonna hve to be next to them/in contact :-/).

As far as bull rush, you cannot push a person past a solid object. With bull rush, you push them straight back, same thing with push. As far as throwing them over the railing, Id say thats up to your discretion.

I know there is a monk feat that allows you to throw an opponent. I didnt check that out though...

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