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just wanted a little post about funny character concepts that worked...

heres two...

the chaotic evil priest that, besides carrying around a kitten in a cage to torture (and heal and torture and heal etc) had cause light wounds at range with no verbal component.

he waited in the gladiator arena for a guy to climb the high steps to the cheap seats carrying drinks and food and when he got to the top cast the cause light wounds spell that had him tumble down breaking every bone in his body... this was the ult CE character I remember from any of my games...


the "pesant hero" half giant...

slightly retarded half giant with a ring of charisma (18) who was known to everyone in the community, bards would sing songs about him like he was paul bunyon. (kit from 2e)

In truth he was a semi bi-polar alcoholic and prone to fits of rage, but no matter how screwed up the things he did was... everyone cast him as the hero not wanting to ruin the fairy tale of his backstory, or because they felt sorry for him due to his retardation (and also the benifit of having an 18 cha.. everyone assumed justification or sympathy)

whenever he felt (right or wrong) that somebody needed an old fasioned ass whoopin, the player would click the CD player to play "I walk the line" from Johny Cash... you'd hear that twangy music and the other players would roll their eyes knowing what came next.

I made an NPC once... A Paladin.

Sir Loin of Pond da Rosa.

Sadly, he died at the steak.


Liberty's Edge

In my RL campaign, I am currently playing a couple of characters. One of them is Elsbeth, a female half-elf fighter who was deemed by her elvish family as taking everything too seriously. They sent her out to find a cleric of Cayden Cailean to travel with. She met another of my characters, Bors Kregan, a human cleric of CC, and instead of following his lead, and living life more for the fun and adventure, she has taken it upon herself to act as his bodyguard. She takes this duty very seriously.

Bors, of course, finds this amusing.

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In many of my campaigns, there's often a prison cell at the very bottom of a dank and dreary dungeon that contains a dwarf prisonner nammed KOG. Poor Kog has been taken prisonner more times that he can remember. It's always hilarious when he suddenly turns up.

And everytime he's freed, he always promises the group to try and stay out of trouble.



One of my favorite characters was "Honorable Streetwasher Wu", a 3E monk who used drunken style and took all rogue-type skills. He traveled in a wagon laden with barrels of brandy, thunderstones, tindertwigs and sun rods (his "fireworks").

Think Jackie Chan as a street thief, gulping down skinsful of brandy to get ready for a fight.

He died spectacularly whan an angry red dragon breathed on the cart, and it exploded. The blast could be seen thirty miles away. The dragon survived, but just barely.

Grand Lodge

One of my favorite NPC's must be my LN Bugbear Monk/Fighter. I have 3 versions of him, different levels and gear. Lowest is 2/2, highest is M/8-F/4, carries a Longbow and a Kama. The PC's never know what to expect when I use him in games, I have used him as an agent for the PC's enemies, and as a helpful NPC, as well as a mercenary for hire. When used as a mercenary, he always travels in a group with an Orc Rng, Goblin Clr, and Kobold Sor, all 2 levels lower than himself.

Silver Crusade

Rifts campaign, didn't really want to even try it (huge fantasy fan). Didn't really read the rules, just kind of made a burster. Had it be a d-bee based on an anime style world (pink haired anime girl with fire powers). Was only trying to be annoying (not disruptive, just annoying).

I'm still not sure we were doing it right, but our first fight, everyone else was gearing up for a tough fight, I had done nothing besides cutesy remarks up to that point. I burned all my ISP on a huge column of flame, one-shotting this supposedly tough boss. I then proceeded to have my character fall asleep (out of ISP, figured it fit). That became my MO for that campaign, which I thoroughly enjoyed after that.

The NPCs Mercurio and Mercutio, a gnome and a halfling who were clothing designers for nobles. Basically think the Fab Five.

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In a 3.5 game we had a goblin paladin. You read that right. A goblin paladin. That wasn't even the best part. The best part was how he kept from getting killed by guards every time he entered a town. He wore full plate armor, complete with helmet. When he was around anyone he did not know or trust, he kept the visor down, and pretended to be a gnome. He even took gnome as one of his starting languages to complete the disguise. I thought that was great. The player was a total newbie, but he had some really good ideas that even veteran players might not have thought of.

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