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Hey, guys/gals I am joining a new game with friends and the DM wants really deep backstories. I have a good one. However there is no region in his world that would what I want. So the GM said that he has room for a few major cities/regions that he hasn't filled out yet. Him knowing that I dm also gave me 100% free reign to develop this area to drop in his world.

Problem is I am working 50+ hours right now and don't have the spare time to do it.

I am looking for something similar to mid-renaissance Italy in style. A large city. Lots of open markets and bazzars. It will be on the northern edge of the continent so water in the northen part of the city. Roads for trade and commerce to the south.

The renaissance era would help to explain open knowledge and learning. So one or more magic schools and other such schools and colages.

To the east or west would be wilderness or mountains.

Go for Venice. That's a cool city, you can fid maps of Venice from the 1600's as well. Adapt as needed but that's a decent location. I was going to use it in the game I am currently running.

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That's a good idea. Anyone have anything else.

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Ok, it is not Italy, but check Lisbon during the Discoveries (1415 - 1550) Very cosmopolitan,multi-cultural, full of misteries and magic - Jews expeled from Castilla, the Order of Christ, Moorish presence, scientific espionage, exploration (and exploitation...) of savage regions of Africa and America...

Florence. Most Renaissance-like. A lot of political intrigue, art, literature, philosophy and ALSO magic.

I second Venice and Florence, both would be perfect.
Even Milan and Turin are worth checking. If you are looking for something smaller take a look at Vicenza and Padova.

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