Disciple of Many Styles


Silver Crusade

Human LN Silver Dragon
Fighter (Unarmed) 1, Monk (Master of Many Styles) 3, Sorcerer (Wildblooded, Crossblooded: Linnorm, Empyreal), Dragon Disciple 7,
For PFS play.

Scores (20 point buy)
STR 17 (+2 Racial)
DEX 15
CON 14
WIS 15


Feats and class abilities
I left out ability score increases and Natural Armor increases.
1 level Weapon Focus Unarmed
1 human Deflect Arrows
1 Fighter 1 Improved Unarmed Strike
1 Fighter 1 Crane Style (bonus style)

2 Monk 1 Unarmed Strike
2 Monk 1 Improved Unarmed Strike
2 Monk 1 Fuse Style (archtype ability)
2 Monk 1 Stunning Fist
2 Monk 1 Crane Wing (bonus style from archtype)

3 Monk 2 Evasion
3 Monk 2 Dragon Ferocity (bonus style, pre-req is Dragon Style)
3 level Dragon Style (3 ranks of acrobatics)

4 Monk 3 Still Mind
4 Monk 3 Fast Movement
4 Monk 3 Manuever Training

5 level Elemental Fist (pre-req is Dragon Ferocity)
5 Sorc 1 Eschew Materials

6 DD 1 Blood of Dragons

7 level Monastic Legacy
7 DD 2 Bloodline Feat: Improved Initiative
7 DD 2 Dragon Bite

8 DD3 Breath Weapon

9 level Sorcerous Strike

10 DD 5 Bloodline Feat: NONE YET

11 level NONE YET

12 DD 7 Blindsense 60 ft
12 DD 7 Form of the Dragon

This is a very feat heavy build but light on skills. I'm short on traits and a few late level feats. Any critique for fleshing this out would be appreciated, and also a double-check of my 'feat math.' Thanks.

Your stats: should be 16 str (or I guess 17 it fine too) and 14 dex, not 15. It's a strength build, you're not putting stuff into dex in the future - you want stuff you're not putting more abilities into at an even number. I'd say the same for Wis (unless it's 15 because you're only planning on ending up with level 5 spells? I don't know. I'd have it at 14 (rather than 16).

Some style bonus feat acrobatics could help your progression out. I'm a bit tired at the moment, so I'm hoping I won't slip up.

1 human Dodge (you can take deflect arrows at a later point if you want to, I'd say Dodge is more important though - and also helps with style feat acrobatics as you need Dodge to pick up Crane at first level with an ordinary feat)
1 level Crane Style (you can take Weapon Focus Unarmed later if you want it, it's not a priority imo)

1 Monk 1 Unarmed Strike
1 Monk 1 Improved Unarmed Strike
1 Monk 1 Fuse Style (archtype ability)
1 Monk 1 Stunning Fist
1 Monk 1 Crane Wing (bonus style from archtype - wing at first level, oh yes)

2 Sorc 1 Eschew Materials (taking sorc at 2nd lvl nets you 3 acrobatics ranks at level 3 for some more style bonus feat acrobatics - pun intended)

3 level Dragon Style (3 ranks of acrobatics)
3 Fighter 1 Crane Riposte (bonus style - now you get a free attack per round after you deflect too!)

4 Monk 2 Evasion
4 Monk 2 Dragon Ferocity (bonus style)

5 level Elemental Fist (pre-req is Dragon Ferocity)
5 Monk 3 Still Mind
5 Monk 3 Fast Movement
5 Monk 3 Manuever Training

6 DD 1 Blood of Dragons

... and so on.

You lose early "not super important" Deflect Arrows and Weapon Focus, but you gain Crane Riposte (!!! - this is a big one). Nice huh?

Silver Crusade

Thanks, Raje. This was exactly what I needed.

Scores...I think I had that buy from a previous idea. How about
17 STR, 14 DEX, 14 CON, 12 INT, 14 WIS , 7 CHA?

I like putting monk right at first level. It allows Crane Style to be taken with a regular feat, and yes Crane Wing at first level.

Since this is a brute build, I like the Sorcerer dip at level 5. It's not REQUIRED to be at level 2, correct?

Oterisk suggested dropping the Linnorm. I missed the connection with the 1st level claws and the DD dragon bite.

I'm still worried about the weak BAB/to-hit of the build. Oh well.

Well, if you don't take sorc at level 2 you can't pick up Dragon Style and Dragon Ferocity both at level 3 (you need +1 lvl before that to have 3 ranks in acrobatics), "brute" aside - so yes, for my progression it's required.

I don't know about Linnorm vs ordinary dragon, but considering linnorm doesn't have wings it a little strange that you get. Stick to the true and tried stuff? Linnorms aren't even true dragons :P

If you're worried about to hit, get some Greater Magic Fang cast (perm) on yourself from a friendly caster, or someone you pay. It's a problem every unarmed fighter has (unless you're full fighter or bab).

Silver Crusade

Why wouldn't you be able to stack a feat right on top of a skill rank pre-req?

We stacked Crane Wing on top of Dodge at 1st level.
If a character got 15 wis at level 4, they're immediately eligible for feats requiring that.

Now, prestige classes with a skill rank pre-req have to wait. I get that. But it seems to me that feats can stack right on top of their pre-req.

Hm seems like you don't need to put sorc at 2nd level - I was too tired after all. You can go 1-2 monk, 3 fighter and still do the feat progression evidently. Got it in my head you had to take sorc earlier for it to work out, my mistake.

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