Many Styles, Really Early


Silver Crusade

Fighter (Unarmed) 1, Monk (Master of Many Styles) 2...

A character can have a fully feated out style by level 3?. The restrictions go away for these bonus feats in these archtypes.

Other benefits:
Monk unarmed strike and all monk weapon proficiencies.
Stunning Fist
Fuse Style (2 styles active)
1 or 2 (for human) feats at level 1 (remember BAB 1)

There are some drawbacks of course:
"Overlapping" of Improved Unarmed Strike at 1st and 2nd levels (wasted feat).
Loss of Flurry of Blows (is this REALLY a drawback?).
A Monk must be lawful.
Loses monk stuff if wearing armor.

So, after this 3 level "dip", where do we go from here? Max out a style, then fill in the next 7-17 levels.

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