B4 The Lost City - Pathfinder(R) Roleplaying Game Conversion


Daemonslye, you are 'da Man. Thanks for all your hard work and effort on these absolutely beautiful conversions.

Master Arminas

Awesome as always.

the xp seems wrong on the splinter worm entry. (9,600)

Also Orpheus. (204,800)

Looking at this, The adventure would make for an interesting adventure path ending with a showdown against Orpheus and a final evolution of Zargon. Anyway Ramble session over.

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Wow! Wow wow wow wow! Nice work! I love how you preserved the feel of the original module and married it into the Pathfinder mythos....especially with making Zargon a Spawn of Rovagug! Awesome job Daemonslye!

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I opened the page and it looks great but I cannot seem to save the file. I can print but not save. Any idea why that would be. I was able to save your other files and they are awesome.

Thank you for all this work and thank you for doing Lost City. I plan to do a Frog God Games campaign after I finished what I am doing now and I am not sure where I am going to start and now I might just use this adventure to get the characters to 7th level before start Slumbering Tsar.

Thanks again. I love everything you do and look forward to more of these old school modules brought to Pathfinder.

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Also, have you considered adding the adventure from Dungeon Magazine 142 - Masque of Dream. It appears to be a 1st level adventure.

EDIT: I see you used art from the dungeon magazine and I have not read your adventure yet. Looks like you probably have it covered.

Thanks again...

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I just skimmed the entire adventure and all I can say is this is incredible. I have run the old adventure a couple of times and I appreciate the changes and the background and how it has been brought into Golarion.

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I just managed to download all bar B4 - G2 is stunning! I've adapted G1, but have simply substitued in encounters of a suitable EL, essentially sticking notes into my original to modify the monsters and little else. Your adaptation is complete.

Well done!

B4 doesn't want to download (one of the issues of only having access to 3G internet) so I'll have to try again later when the stars are right.


WOW! That's just...amazing! You captured the feel of the original module and the feel of Pathfinder at the same time!


Can't wait to see what you tackle next...

Just Excellent! I have down loaded all your conversions and am amazed at their quality. Eagerly awaiting your further conversions of A2-A4.

Thanks again!!

daemonslye, all your conversions/re-imaginings are top-notch! They spark new life into those old adventures and at the same time re-capture the flavor, great work!

I'm planning on incorporating a few of them into my next campaign right after Kingmaker (which can't end soon enough). I've already had a couple of them printed and bound in preparation.

Awesome work once again!

BTW, in an older post you asked what other conversions one would like to see. If you're still accepting requests; Ravenloft (original I6), The Ghost Tower of Inverness, the L series (Secret of Bonehill, Assassin's Knot, Deep Dwarven Delve), Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, and of course ToHs would be welcome. Also, I'd like to see you finish the Slave Lord's series!

I know these conversions take you some time to finish and we appreciate all your hard work.


Your conversions are very high quality. I would be interested to hear what programs you use.

Thanks folks!

@Darth: I (now) use Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Much better than MS Publisher and Elements (I switched over at Castle Amber). This is kind of why I am dragging my feet with PiH, I can't image going back to MS Pub.

I went ahead and fixed some of the more obvious errors - the ones pointed out by cliff and a few others (I reduced the number of brothers, maidens, and magi but did not change the text, also a few other fixes). The new doc is uploaded.

Not sure what I will do next. Will try to convince myself to finish Paladin - I may just need to convert it to InDesign and freshen it up.


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This is some really amazing work! I can't wait to try it out.

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Temple of Elemental Evil... Muahhahahaha

Although Ravenloft would be good too.

Desert of Desolation?

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Shem wrote:
Temple of Elemental Evil... Muahhahahaha

This. After Paladin In Hell I would be in conversion heaven (actually I guess I already am after reading Lost City, but still...) if ToEE were the next to get Daemonslye's attention.

The mind boggles at the possibilities of what that might look like.


Frog God Games

Daemonslye is da bomb!!

I noticed the werefox wasn't listed in the back because the stats were cited as coming from ToHC. What is ToHC?

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darth_borehd wrote:

I noticed the werefox wasn't listed in the back because the stats were cited as coming from ToHC. What is ToHC?

Tome of Horrors Complete - All three Tomes updated for PFRPG

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I'm totally using this (B4) as the first part of a campaign that then goes on to Slumbering Tsar....poor, poor PCs....I may have to tell my Players to have 2 backup PCs ready at any given moment a la the old West End Games Paranoia...

It doesn't look that difficult.

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Just noticed that G2 Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl still seems to be slightly unfinished...the Character Details for the pregens on page 50 is very incomplete, with a lot of "TBD" hanging around on there.

And if you're still taking request, I have the king whopper of all requests: Return to the Tomb of Horrors.

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Man Paizo really needs to come up with their rules for level 21+ Pathfinder gaming so I can start begging Daemonslye for a 'Throne of Bloodstone' conversion too...

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Oops, I meant to put that the PDF for A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity was the one with the incomplete pregens.

Wow, Daemonslye, these are awesome. It's been a looooong time since I've looked at those old modules (yes modules! not adventures! modules were what they were called!) but you've really knocked it out of the park. I seriously can't imagine the work that went into each one of these. Thumbs up on a job well done.

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This. Conversion. Is. Absolutely. Fantastic!

How did you find the right art for the Cynidiceans? Great stuff!

I own a copy of both the original B4, which I always thought was a cool adventure module, but also a copy of Elder Evils for D&D v.3.5 which features a chapter on the Cynidiceans and Zargon. I really, really like what you accomplished here daemonslye!

I have been running the original module for my players, converting it on the fly, which is okay but a bit choppy. I can't see the original post which presumedly has the link to Demonslye's reportedly awesome conversion. Has it been removed? If so, can someone repost it?

I was going to ask the same thing.

You'd need to PM Daemonslye for a copy. Those links were removed due to copyright concerns.

Anyone hook me up with a copy of this? PM me please.

Me too. I would love a copy of this.

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Is it too much to ask for a copy of the converted Lost City module. I'd like to use it in a campaign.

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Is there a download link for this?

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Somebody complained about copyright violation so it was removed. If anybody is interested, you can send me a PM and we can discuss it.

Hello there folks could I trouble someone for a copy of the Lost City Conversion please? I am about to run a new group through their first pathfinder campaign using all old school modules.

Please message me if you can help.


Hi, I would also be very grateful for a copy of the conversion document, as I can't see it anywhere on this forum. Is it still knocking about somewhere, or did it get knocked on the head due to copyright? I ran a party through your Paladin in Hell conversion, and it worked great! Thanks for your hard work!

A few years late to this party. Anyone still have a copy kicking around?

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