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My players are gonna roll up some new characters tonight to play through the Carrion Hill module, and I'm planning on asking each player 2 questions about their character. I'm looking for some suggestions on good questions to ask.

Here's the ones I have so far:

-How did you end up in Carrion Hill? (this question will be the same for each player)

-Why don't you trust ...? (probably will complete this with a race after I see what character each player creates)

-Why did you have to flee your home country?

-Why did you join the church of ...? (this question will be given to the character for which the deity is the most important, like a cleric or paladin possibly)

-What is the most dangerous situation you've ever found yourself in?

These questions should work to immediately provide the players with some interesting background about their character. Any other suggestions for questions, since I need at least one more?

Who were your parents?

Why did you become a (insert class here)?

How did you meet (insert other characters name here)?

The parents question will yell you how they grew up, rich, poor, middle class.
The class question will most likely give you an important person in the characters life, the one who taught them what they know, their mentor.
the last question will give the chance for two or more characters to bond, are they child hood friends (or rivals) are they brothers, did the fighter help the rogue in a bar fight and they have been watching out for each other since

What is one thing you will fight to the death over?
What is it that terrifies you?
What do you do for a living (what do they do to get by, use skills, mercenary, past adventures, and so on)?

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