6 Arms to Hold You


Aw, can't quite make it to the Veruca Salt title w/o synthesist...

Anyway, looking at
Master Summoner 10/
Vivi-BM Alch 6/
Ranger(natural) 2/
Barb 2 (might as well add in wild rager)
to get 6 claw/1 bite attack

(obviously if you start as a race with claws you take gore instead)

so, before I actually start on the build, I'm wondering if I've missed anything.

Summoner -> Aspect limbs(arms)
Alch -> Vestigial Arm x2 / Feral Mutagen
Ranger -> Aspect of the Beast(claws)
Barb -> Lesser Beast Totem(claws) OR Lesser Fiend(Gore)

Obviously looking for
Stunning Fist
Dragon Style/Ferocity

so realistically, looking at a level or 2 of monk replacing alch and burning a feat on Vestigial Arm #2
The option besides ranger is becoming a lycanthrope, which I find unlikely.

Mostly this is hypothetical, just to see if it's doable.
The idea is to get as many claw attacks as possible. Looking at Gr Aspect doesn't seem to pull it off.

Note: if you give your vestigial arms permanent claws, I don't see why they can't use them on a full attack. The arms by themselves give you nothing additional, but they can be used to take any actions you already have.

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