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I've been pondering a Numeria set game on and off again for the last year or so. Now that The Planet Guide is coming out and I have Bestiary 3 in my hands I think I have enough material to start one.

But now comes the fun part, filling in the blanks for the setting. To do so I've been borrowing heavily from modern media, classic sci-fi movies, and old cartoon/tv shows. Let me show you what I have so far.

The Land itself: Arid, and cool. Keep in mind it's at the same range that norther Ustalav and the Linnorn Kings reside. Now unlike those two, all the pictures we've seen seems to indicate a cooler but dry climate. I think western areas would be more fertile and have the most real farming. I'm going to make it look like Nevada and parts of the Rockies range, maybe with some Siberian descriptions for the most northern areas on the map. I'd imagine this place would have free standing rock formations and grassy vallies. (For you WOW Players, imagine Thousand Needles and surrounding areas.)

Technic League: This one was easy. The Navagator's Guild from the Dune movie mixed in with the toltec from Mysterious Cities of Gold. Imagine them, dressedin black, shaved heads, walking around with small pieces of adamantium woven into their robes as badges of office. They would be pale from so many hours deep in the depths of the Silver Mount. Their "high masters" bloated forms in great tanks, twisted from the foul residue they consume to boost their powers. Perhaps becoming something aberration like in the process. Hidden in great tanks but carried around by slaves and automatons. Their staves capped with broken bits of the Silver Mount, speaker boxes, dials, and other strange pieces.

Gearsmen: Large robes to cover their mechanical bodies, the heads encased in a helmet that looks something like a gas mask with a large nose petrusions from the canister resting there. They walk through the cities like silent gravediggers, but stand easily a head taller than everyone around them. It's almost impossible to notice the masked 'men' in large black cloaks walking in unison down the streets.

Silver Mount: This one was tricker. It's pretty obviouis that Admantium is everywhere around here. Most the machines and byproducts of the Mount are black and shiny. But what if the mount itself was coated with a honeycomb like exo shield of heat resitant plates. They shimmer in the sunlight and are devlishly hard to dent or damage. Alchemical reagents can loosen them of to be melted in a strong forge, but otherwise broken off 'plates' can be found around the city. Tables, roof fixings, snipped down into weirdly shimmering plate. Deeper inside the halways grow dark from the adamantium linings and parts. Glowing sections from hidden bulbs and color coded lights and paint depending on where you are inside. I'd imagine the whole thing would look a lot like the "Jocky" ship from Alien mixed with cleaner lined segements near 'crew areas'. Escavated and controlled segments fitted out like classic dig sites.

*One theory I was batting around was the ship was flying thought the Great Beyond when it got infested by something of the Dark Tapestry. Hidden, deeper inside is organic material like a breathing hive (again Aliens reference from the 'hive'). Shamblers and various aberrant creatures breed below and are harvested by the Technic League for their experiments. It's from a mixture of old chemicals and alchemical agents in the ship and the bile and ichor of these beasts their Alchemists cook up the drugs they use to enhance their own members and control the Soverign. Perhaps there is a strong black market of these dangerious goods through out the land and outwards.

...more to come. Thoughts?

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For me, Numeria is one the most fascinating places in Golarion. It adds new themes to the traditional fantasy scenarios and is huge hook to otherworld adventures. Overall, I like your ideas very much. Adding to it, here are some suggestions.

Technology should be pervasive, even if almost no-one knows how to use it properly. I think Mad Max would be a good inspiration for barbaric warriors with advanced but useless trinkets. Kind of post-apocalyptic biker gangs without bikes. Or imagine a crafty gnome putting together a crude helicopter using scraps from the crashed ships.

Silver Mount is not the only piece of spacecraft that crashed in Numeria. Small and large fragments fell in other places. I think they are a great way to introduce players to the otherworldly elements without having them to get inside the huge, dangerous and well-guarded Silver Mount. An adventure might involve a undiscovered fragment which, after being tampered by rogues, releases a deadly species that had been hibernating for centuries. I personally think that Iadenveigh would be a great place for this to happen. The villagers there could have kept the crashed fragment a secret, a forbidden place, but now they have to ask someone to help.

Despite the fascination of the technological and extraterrestrial aspects, I think politics would also make a nice addition to your campaign. The Black Sovereign doesn’t seem to have much power outside the capital. Hajoth Hakados and other cities are semi-autonomous, which means there is ample space for power games and rebellions. Cities are probably unable to offer protection outside their immediate area of influence, so brigands are everywhere. And of course we have the Tecnich League, the masters behind the throne. For inspiration, I would use elements of the Catolic Church in medieval times. Dark, scheming monks (sorcerers, in the Numerian case) with long term plots who would have running Numerian politics from the shadows for centuries.

As for your idea of flying through the Great Beyond and infected by something out of the Dark Tapestry, I’m not quite sure where I stand. On one side, it reminds of the Bleed in Authority/Planetary comics, merging interplanar and interplanetary travel. On the other side, I think the Dark Tapestry has already appeared in several other regions and adventures, I would rather keep Silver Mount as just an extraterrestrial spacecraft that crashed in Golarion. So, yes for interplanar/interplanetary travel, no for Dark Tapestry monsters. But that’s only my opinion.

Hope you enjoy my contribution. I surely did enjoy yours.


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I think a lot about Thundarr when I think about Numeria.

The Exchange

Then there is the movie Light Years aka Gandahar. Animated film from 1988 that Asimov did the screen. It had a really striking visual style that could play well. Especially the puppets the main foe used would make for a great gearmen foe. The creepy way the 'harvested' people. I could see a rogue army of gearman putting villages into suspended animation and carrying them away.

Thundarr is a good point of reference for how they take on magic. Sorcery and lost arts being mysterious and 'just happening'. If a Numeria AP or module comes out with a "Sun Sword" I'll be sorely disappointed.

It's funny you bring up Mad Max, but that's how I envision most of the outer cities and towns. Thunderdome. Starfall on the other hand could use some stranger elements.

* I had an idea of other segments of the ship adding interesting features to the country side. Imagine a 'forest' of large crystal rods growing out of a desert. They're as hard as steel and at night they glow a multitude of colors and emit a soft sound that sickens anyone who approaches. Great to look at, horrible to get near.

Don't forget the Austrian accents since this is Conan you're talking about.

The Exchange

I'm actually looking forward to the John Carter of Mars movie because I think it captures a lot action and style I'm looking for as well.

I've been toying with the idea that the Silver Mount and various 'dungeons' would have a Mesoamerican look. Specifically Mayan, and a lot of the artifacts and weapons would look like with pictograph iconics over everything.

Imagine finding a sword that really was a macuahuitl covered with admantium shards.

TheLoneCleric wrote:

I'm actually looking forward to the John Carter of Mars movie because I think it captures a lot action and style I'm looking for as well.

I'm wondering how Disney is going to portray what a sexist egomaniacal sociopath John Carter is as a "gentleman of Virginia" from his day. This is the guy that will kill anyone that stands between him and his goals (his girls 99% of the time) without bothering to consider other options. The source material from 100 years ago seems really disturbing read with eyes from today.

The Exchange

That aside, the weird Barsoomian elements would play up well. The varied races and the strange hidden enclaves of powerful archanists tinkering away on mechanical and bestial experiments.

Remember Carter's stories did inspire some of Conan. (some not all)

Another inspiration of a more modern sort is Phantasy Star. (Both older and more recent.)

Visualize magical weapons with glowing edges, ceramic armor that has the stats of mytheral, colorful robes and costumes with small woven iconographs into them, standing stones with geometric patterns that react to the touch.

I could see some of the more functional salvaged bits of tech and magic looking like this.

I know the clothing of the Online/Universe worlds has gotten very urban, but the older bits from 1-4 had a very classic fantasy feel (with some exceptions).

The though of pulling a "Nei" plot on the players however is...tempting.

Not to mention an order of Lutz. :)

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