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Sovereign Court

I received a shipping notice on Dec 2 but have still not received the package. Just holiday mail, or any other ideas?

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Was that your subscription order? If so they didn't start mailing them until last Monday I believe. depending on where you live, this is still pretty normal. I haven't got mine yet either.

If it is another order then ignore my post. :)

Lantern Lodge

It *could* be just the holiday mail rush, though it is already several days later than the estimate. One of the items needs to be ordered from distribution before we can replace it, so I am going to put replacements in your sidecart so we can get the ball rolling on that. If the package does still show up, let us know right away so we can cancel the replacements.

Sovereign Court

Yeah, it seemed a bit long for a shipment. I'll certainly let you know if the original does turn up. Thank you very much!

Sovereign Court

Any update on this order? I still have not received either package.

Lantern Lodge

It hasn't shown up back here either. Replacements are in your sidecart to ship with the upcoming subscription. Please let us know if the original does still show up.

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