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I ordered 'The Tome of Horrors Complete', as a PDF, but didn't realize there were 2 versions of the book, one for Pathfinder and the other for Swords and Wizardly. I unfortunately ordered the OE version and not the Pathfinder version. Is it possible to to change the PDF to the correct Pathfinder version of the book. The current version is absolutely no use to me at all. I will delete the zip files and the PDFs from my possession, because I can't use them. I hope you are able to do this, otherwise I've spent my money on something I can't use. I must say it wasn't very clear when I ordered it that the game system wasn't Pathfinder.

Many Thanks

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I've replaced the 0E version with the Pathfinder version and will ping our webstore ninja about the product descriptions.


I've updated the product page for the Swords & Wizardry version of The Tome of Horrors Complete to be more precise.

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