Requests for advice get moved from "advice" forum. Why?

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Within the last hour this thread (a post requesting advice from a player playing a Pathfinder wizard):


got moved from "Advice" to "Gamer Talk"

This is the third time I've seen this happen with similar posts in the past month.

Does anyone know why requests for advice on Pathfinder RPG posted in the "Advice" forum get moved? It seems to me requests for advice specifically regarding the Pathfinder RPG shouldn't be moved off the Pathfinder RPG forum.

Is the "advice" forum just for posts giving advice? Is asking advice not allowed there or something?


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I moved the thread because it seemed to be more asking more about the nature of dice and how to deal with his GM than being specifically about Pathfinder.

Is that incorrect?

The OP says in original post:


What would you do? The DM knows your frustrated with the saves.

He says its dice rolls...

I took that as asking for advice on what to do about his character, I was posting a response regarding spells he might select to avoid saving throw rolls when the thread was moved.

Maybe I was mistaken and he was asking how he might work out a solution with the GM, should posts that ask for advice in communicating with the GM not be in the "advice" forum?

I would consider the question specifically about Pathfinder, he felt the need to give character class and ability scores in the OP, then follows up in later posts with specific spell combos he's tried.

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