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When a character is granted temporary immunity to a specific effect that lingers for a number of rounds is the effect removed?

For example, if a character is poisoned and then, a round later, receives immunity to poison, is the poison removed from the characters system?
What about disease?

If a character is under water and no longer has to breathe for a period of time, is the duration reset on how long that character can hold their breath after the ability expires?

What about poison and other effects if the temporary immunity is already in place?

This might become relevant soon for one of my characters and I can't find any rules about it.

Immunity does not remove the affect if it lingers. It just means you get to ignore it for as long as the immunity last.

With poison you have to fail a save in order for it to linger so if you are immune before you are bitten you don't fail the save so it is a non-issue.

For the underwater issue your countdown timer does not start until the immunity is gone since you did not have to hold your breath while you were immune.

If you are poisoned before the immunity took place then I would still allow the saving throws to be made. That way you might not have to deal with the affliction.

What give immunity to poison? If you are speaking of the delay poison spell the poison is still in your system so you have to deal with it, and it does not grant immunity. It just allows you to not deal with it right then.

wraithstrike wrote:
What give immunity to poison?

Life Oracle ability "Energy Body".

It's a wonderful ability but I want to know more about it before my character starts using it.

I would say that delay poison/disease are the correct precedents to look to for this.

Turning your body into pure life energy which is immune to poison does not change the poison inside your body. When you return to normal form, the poison is still there and resumes it's effects if there is any duration left.

Similarly, turning into pure life energy might make you stop bleeding out of the gaping wound in your side, but when you go back, that wound is still there, and resumes bleeding as normal if nothing has been done to correct it.

All of this applies if you were under the effect before immunity was granted. As has been said before, if you are immune to poison and someone poisons you, then you don't go under the poison's effect. If you return to your normal form before the poison's duration would have ended, then you're fine. It's only if you get poisoned, gain immunity, then lose immunity that it resumes.

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